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$76.1 million Announced by Ottawa for Solar Energy in Southern Alberta

The Canadian government wants to increase Alberta’s solar energy output.

Jonathan Wilkinson, the minister of natural resources, announced federal support for solar energy projects throughout the province, including several in the south.

“We are investing over $160 million in job-creating solar energy projects, which will contribute 163 megawatts of new power generation across Alberta,” said Wilkinson. “By working with Indigenous partners and industry, the Government of Canada is helping to unlock the economic potential of our clean technologies as we advance toward a prosperous net-zero future.”

A collaboration between Concord Green Energy and the towns of Coaldale, Monarch, and Vulcan is the largest project in southern Alberta. Each battery energy storage system at the current solar arrays will have a capacity of 15 megawatts (MW) and 34 megawatt hours (MWh), thanks to a total federal investment of $45.8 million. More than 100 jobs, according to the government, will be generated.

Ottawa will grant $12.8 million Métis Nation Power Authority for a 4.9 megawatt project in Métis Nation Region 3 in southeast Alberta.

This investment includes training for young Indigenous people and is anticipated to generate 24 jobs.

Ottawa will invest a total of $12 million in the Enterprise Solar L.P. in Vulcan County. The 65 megawatt project is anticipated to result in the creation of up to 935 jobs.

Additionally, the federal government will give the Cardston Spring Coulee Solar Limited Partnership $5.5 million. It will generate 29.5 MW of power using bifacial social panels, supporting up to 145 jobs.