Top 100 CXOs

“Strong women make the world stronger,” echoes in our edition, highlighting the “100 Most Influential Women Leaders-2024.” Celebrate the achievements and unrelenting determination of women making a big impact in various fields. From successful businesswomen to influential trailblazers, these women show transformative leadership.

The 100 Most Influential Women Leaders - 2024

  1. Mary Barra – CEO of General Motors: Steering the automotive giant with a focus on innovation and sustainability in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.
  2. Julie Sweet – CEO of Accenture: A global leader in consulting and professional services, driving the company’s strategic vision and digital transformation initiatives.
  3. Ginni Rometty – Former Chairman and CEO of IBM: leading the tech giant through a transformative period, emphasizing cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.
  4. Safra Catz – CEO of Oracle Corporation: She oversees one of the world’s largest software and cloud computing companies, shaping its strategies for innovation and market leadership.
  5. Marillyn Hewson – Former CEO of Lockheed Martin: Brought strategic leadership to one of the world’s foremost aerospace and defense companies, contributing to advancements in technology and national security.
  6. Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook: Plays a key role in shaping the social media giant’s business operations and initiatives, influencing the digital landscape globally.
  7. Rosalind Brewer – CEO of Amazon Web Services: Leads the company’s cloud computing division, driving innovation and providing critical services to businesses worldwide.
  8. Gail Boudreaux – CEO of Anthem Inc.: A leading health benefits company, where she focuses on improving healthcare accessibility and affordability for millions of individuals.
  9. Adena Friedman – President and CEO of Nasdaq: Leads the global exchange company, driving initiatives in financial technology and shaping the future of capital markets.
  10. Jessica Tan – Co-CEO of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.: Contributes to steering one of China’s largest and most innovative financial and insurance conglomerates toward continued growth and success.

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