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With a Significant Renovation, Changi Airport T2 reopens with four-story Digital Waterfall Exhibit

Terminal 2 at Changi Airport reopened to travelers on Wednesday, November 1, after undergoing substantial renovations that took three and a half years.

According to the Changi Airport Group (CAG), the revised terminal improves the international airport’s capacity to manage increased passenger traffic. It has added almost 21,000 square meters to the current facility, or the size of three football fields.

In an effort to increase capacity and accommodate an increase in passenger volume, Terminal 2 will also house operations for 16 airlines, providing connections to 40 distinct cities.

According to CAG, the extension will increase Changi Airport’s capacity by five million passengers annually, bringing the airport’s total capacity across all four terminals to 90 million passengers annually.

As of September, passenger traffic at Changi Airport has recovered to 90% of pre-COVID levels, coinciding with the reopening of Terminal 2. By the following year, it is expected that passenger volumes will have entirely recovered.

Convenience automation and digital waterfalls

With nearly twice as many automated check-in kiosks and bag drop machines as its original configuration, Terminal 2 has been completely renovated. It also features a central common-use Fast and Seamless Travel zone. Additionally, more automated immigration lanes can now be accommodated by expanding the immigration halls.

Automated Special Assistance Lanes for travelers with impairments and small children at immigration points of arrival and exit have been introduced for the first time at Changi Terminal 2. Additionally, a completely automated early baggage storage system with a 2,400 bag capacity has been installed.

Additionally, “The Wonderfall,” a multimedia digital waterfall exhibit at the departure hall with a four-story, 14-meter height and a beautifully planted garden as a backdrop, is available to passengers.

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