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Wasfi Kaso

Wasfi Kaso: The FMCG Adept Bolstering Provincial Notable Brands

The Visionary CEO Revolutionizing the UAE’s Food Industry through Innovative Solutions!

In today’s expeditious corporate environment, attaining opulence and leading the market demand more than mere effort and loyalty. It entails originality, tactical plotting, and a dedication to superiority.

Over the years, numerous pioneers have emerged successful by executing these values and pushing themselves to unprecedented heights. In the swift world of business, accomplishment can feel like a distant goal and an uncertain journey. Still, some have achieved exceptional prosperity throughout the years, inspiring and stimulating others to emulate their example.

One individual who exemplifies this mindset is Wasfi Kaso, the CEO of Emirates Food Industries, a leading holding company in the UAE’s food, dairy, and agriculture sectors. Kaso subscribes to the notion that success can be gauged by the innovative solutions one offer in their professional journey.

Over the course of 20+ years, Kaso has built an impressive reputation in the FMCG industry, specifically in the food sector, gaining extensive experience working with a variety of categories and segments. Throughout his career, he has held several high-level positions in both global and regional industrial companies, managing well-known brands across diverse sectors. Their expertise includes successfully launching global brands in the region and developing regional brands that fiercely compete for market share within their respective categories.

Under Kaso’s leadership, Emirates Food Industries has become a force to be reckoned with in the food industry, introducing new products and expanding its portfolio to meet the evolving needs of customers. Kaso’s vision is to make EFI the leading food company in the region, and he is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for excellence.

Let’s delve deeper into his expedition of inspiring and propelling corporate accomplishment!

The Mastermind

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, Wasfi has worked extensively across a diverse range of categories and segments in the food sector. Throughout his career, he has held numerous senior leadership positions within both multinational and regional industrial conglomerates, overseeing some of the most renowned brands in the region. Wasfi boasts hands-on experience in launching multinational brands in the region as well as developing leading regional brands that have successfully competed for market share leadership in their respective categories.

Breaking the Chains

The UAE’s dairy and beverage market heavily depends on imports, making them a significant part of its supply chain. However, with a growing desire to establish local operations, there is a push to reduce this dependence and ensure the delivery of high-quality products. This drive comes from a commitment to providing the UAE population with top-notch products and decreasing their reliance on imports. By establishing local operations, the UAE can achieve both of these goals simultaneously.

Sustainable Practices and Global Taste

EFI, a well-known company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is primarily focused on agriculture, dairy, and food. Their manufacturing, logistics, and distribution capabilities are spread across the country. The company has a diversified portfolio of interests in the agricultural, animal feed, dairy, and food sectors. EFI is considered a pioneer in the industry due to its focus on ethnic and natural food and beverage options. Their unique approach to launching international brands in the region involves sourcing raw materials locally, which has played a significant role in helping them achieve their goal of delivering a global taste. EFI’s primary aim is to offer their customers the best quality food and beverage choices while supporting local agriculture and promoting sustainable practices.

From Farms to Your Table

The EFI organization is a premier food, dairy, and agricultural conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates. It consists of several agribusinesses and companies, including the National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing (NFFPM), which is a top animal feed manufacturer and distributor. Additionally, the National Bags Factory is a leading producer of polypropylene bags, while the Al Rawdah Veterinary Clinics (RVC) provide high-quality animal healthcare services. The group also runs two farms, namely the National Dairy Farms (NDF) and Masaken Dairy Farms (MDF). These farms collectively maintain a herd of over 6000 animals and produce over 31 million liters of fresh milk annually, making them the largest dairy farms in the UAE. Finally, the group operates a factory in Al Ain.

As a brand rooted in the UAE, they have complete authority over the quality throughout the entire value chain. This includes monitoring the feed given to livestock, the development of products, and the delivery to shelves, all in order to stay loyal to their motto of “From farms to your table.” Their approach is centered around innovation and product development, with the ultimate goal of ensuring sustainable success in both the UAE market and beyond.

Revolutionizing Organic Food Production

The utilization of technology has facilitated meeting the growing demand for organic food. The current situation dictates that if one provides top-notch products, it guarantees an increase in consumption. The upcoming years emphasize the need for sustainable business approaches, and this is where technology comes into play. It is the driving force that enables companies to take an active part in the UAE’s food security objective. Through technological innovations, businesses can contribute to positioning the country as a global leader in innovative food security initiatives.

Secret to Increased Productivity

As a crucial factor in the triumph of any company, employees hold a significant role. Kaso firmly believes that the most significant challenge of the present time is ensuring a high degree of employee engagement to maintain their productivity and loyalty to the organization. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Kaso has realized that his management approach is continually developing. In summary, he stated that the ultimate level of productivity is achieved when individuals perform tasks because they desire to do so, not because they are obligated to do so. This simple principle has helped him foster trust in his employees and achieve long-term accomplishments.

Entrepreneurial Success

For those striving to become successful entrepreneurs, his guidance is to maintain unwavering resilience. Every challenge can be overcome by identifying viable solutions, and ultimately, success is determined by the number of viable solutions you are able to showcase throughout your career.

Scaling Operations

Their goal is to introduce a comprehensive range of products that cater to various aspects of their customers’ health and overall wellness. It goes without saying that they will fully comply with the guidelines and policies set by the FSC of UAE.

Recognized Industry Leader

Recognized for their exceptional quality of products and innovative range of beverages, they have been honored with numerous prestigious awards. Some of the accolades bestowed upon them include:

  • Superbrands UAE Choice 2022
  • ADIFE – Product of the Year
  • Dubai Taste Awards
  • Product of the Year 2023
  • Asia – Launch of the Year