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US Vice President Joe Biden recently stated about running for President in 2024

On Monday, President Joe Biden made every effort to appear and sound like a candidate for re-election, but he once more stated that he did not have anything to officially declare.

While delaying the start of his anticipated campaign for months, the 80-year-old Democrat has consistently hinted that he might run for office.

Inside the White House

Biden once more gave his almost-but-not-quite confirmation during the White House Easter Egg Roll, a fun Easter celebration attended by hundreds. “I plan on running now but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden said in a brief interview with NBC News on the South Lawn, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Jill Biden.

Biden stated that he planned to attend numerous additional egg rolls, a traditional event in which children compete to push colored eggs across the grass. Before the election in 2024, he only has one more Easter left in his first term.

“I anticipate somewhere around three or four more Hidden Treat Rolls,” he said. ” Perhaps five, possibly six. I don’t have the foggiest idea.” In contrast to his candidate-style crowd dive, Biden’s statement did not leave much room for maneuvering.

Biden has frequently shown that he is most at ease away from the strict responsibilities of the presidency. He gave the impression of a president getting ready for the campaign by embracing children and grabbing cellphones from several people in the Easter crowd to take selfies.

The current front-runner on the Republican side is former president Donald Trump, who Biden defeated in 2020.