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Together, TNB and PETRONAS will Expand the Hydrogen Economy

A joint feasibility study agreement (JFSA) has been signed between Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and Petronas to progress research for the development of the hydrogen industry in Malaysia.

They would be more determined to advance the hydrogen economy as a result.

“Building upon the earlier signed memorandum of understanding, the JFSA underscores the commitment of both industry leaders to collaborate and foster a strong synergy in exploring and developing business ventures in the emerging field of green hydrogen,” TNB stated in a statement.

This partnership represented the businesses’ common goal of advancing the use of clean technologies, like carbon capture and hydrogen, in order to decarbonize the energy industry, it was further said.

“This deal is proof of our unwavering commitment to bringing together key industry players and creating a potent synergy. Together, we are dedicated to researching and creating business opportunities in the exciting area of green hydrogen, said Datuk Baharin Din, president and CEO of TNB.

He continued by saying that the partnership would not only promote Malaysia’s economic development but also provide a large number of job possibilities.

Both firms bring to the table more than 120 years of combined engineering and technological experience, according to Datuk Bacho Pilong, senior vice president of project delivery and technology at Petronas.

“Together, we look forward to building an ecosystem of technology and infrastructure for the clean energy needed to progress the nation’s sustainability goals and support an equitable energy transition for future generations,” he added.

TNB claimed that the strategic partnership with Petronas is especially important for tackling the issue of decarbonizing the energy sector, where both companies play significant roles.

“Recognising the potential of hydrogen as a versatile and clean source of energy, the companies aim to leverage this resource to reduce carbon emissions in sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, and power generation,” it added.

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