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The Revolutionary Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hilux by Toyota Enters Final Phase

Entering the last phase of demonstration, Toyota Motor Corporation’s revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell Hilux project has achieved a significant milestone. This is a big step forward for Toyota in its journey toward a carbon-free future. With assistance from the UK government, Toyota and consortium partners unveiled the first prototype in September 2023. Since then, they have entered a rigorous evaluation and demonstration phase.

In Derby, England, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK has built ten fuel cell Hilux prototypes. Thorough field testing is being conducted on five of these prototypes in order to assess their durability, functionality, performance, and safety. The remaining five are being utilized for media and client demonstrations, which will include appearances at the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

By introducing consumers to hydrogen fuel cell technology, this program hopes to establish the groundwork for a prosperous hydrogen transportation industry.
Based on the well-known Toyota Hilux, famous for its quality, durability and reliability, the hydrogen fuel cell prototype maintains its robust style and proportions (5325 mm in length, 1855 mm in width and 1810 mm in height) in the extra-cab version. But what sets it apart is the incorporation of Toyota’s fuel cell technology, which comes from the Toyota Mirai.

A battery electric system cannot match the driving range of the hydrogen fuel cell Hilux, which reaches up to 600 km. Hydrogen’s low weight allows for greater payload and towing capacity as compared to other emission-free options. Fuel tanks, totaling 7.8 kg in size, are installed inside the ladder frame chassis to hold hydrogen. The 330-cell fuel cell stack is located above the front axle.

An e-motor on the back axle provides 134 kW of power and 300 Nm of torque. Pure water is the only emission produced by the system’s tailpipe. The fuel cell’s electricity is stored in a lithium-ion hybrid battery that is installed in the rear load deck to preserve cabin space.

The hydrogen fuel cell Hilux is an example of Toyota’s dedication to providing creative and environmentally friendly transportation options by showing how fuel cell technology can be easily incorporated into a pickup truck.