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The Northam Green Hydrogen Hub to Provide Big Vehicles with Sustainable Energy

Within the next 18 months, West Australian roadways may see the introduction of buses, concrete mixers, trash trucks, and road trains propelled by green hydrogen.

Its proponents claim that the facility at Northam, an hour’s drive east of Perth, will be the first of its kind in the nation to produce green hydrogen for use in automobiles.

The initiative received a $5 million grant last week from the state government to help get things moving.

Infinite Green Energy (IGE), Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction, and Doral Energy Group are partners in the project’s ownership.

Stephen Gauld, the creator and chief executive of IGE, announced that the company would produce four tonnes of hydrogen daily – enough clean energy to power 78 Class 8 heavy haul vehicles.

In between test drives of brand-new hydrogen-powered automobiles in Europe, Mr. Gauld spoke with the ABC.

He stated, “We’re focused on the heavy haul market.

As Northam grows and the market changes, we’ll finally have green electricity in data centres.

Change is afoot, yet locals may not have seen anything unusual as they drive past the farms along Old York Road.

IGE intends to quadruple the Northam Solar Farm during the following 18 months, in addition to erecting five wind turbines, multiple one-story structures, a hydrogen factory, and a hydrogen fuel station.

According to Mr. Gauld, the plant would be operational by the end of 2024 or early 2025, assuming permission from a joint development assessment panel and the Shire of Northam.

He said that most of the construction work would be done by regional contractors.

The companies that have so far assisted us with the early works will receive the earthworks and civils contracts, according to Mr. Gauld.