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Simon Hubbard

Simon Hubbard Revolutionizing Marketing in Private Dentistry and Healthcare

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Vision, Brand Differentiation, and Unprecedented Growth!

Effective marketing is crucial for a thriving dental  practice to promote a growing portfolio of  treatments and showcase its best work. Dentistry  professionals employ a variety of strategies and tactics to promote their treatments and reach specific target audiences. Well-executed campaigns can significantly impact patient acquisition figures and enhance brand recognition in today’s fiercely competitive private dental sector.

Simon Hubbard is a person who has made a name for himself as a champion of innovative growth tactics. Hubbard’s imaginative leadership and stellar track record have propelled him to the top of the dentistry and private healthcare sectors.

Simon’s rise to marketing excellence began long before he took over as CMO of Direct Dental Group. With a passion for marketing ingrained in his DNA, he embarked on a  journey that would make him one of the most influential figures in the industry. Through a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and a data-driven approach, Simon has mastered the art of developing holistic growth, marketing, and business management strategies.

With a sharp strategic vision, Simon continuously drives business growth and delivers groundbreaking marketing  initiatives that push the boundaries of traditional practices. His ability to leverage technology, data, and consumer insights has enabled him to create highly targeted and impactful campaigns that drive brand differentiation and loyalty.

Brand positioning is where Simon exceeds expectations. He has a natural understanding of how to fascinate groups of onlookers and make an enduring impression. By tackling the control of narrating, Simon has effectively created brand stories that resonate profoundly with patients, setting up Direct Dental Group as a trusted title within the industry.

But it’s not just Simon’s impressive resume that sets him apart. He can instil a sense of reason and motivate his team to endeavour for brilliance. His colleagues depict him as a visionary pioneer who pushes boundaries and energizes inventive consideration. Beneath his authority, Direct Dental Group has experienced a social alter, seeking a forward-looking mentality to drive victory and move the organization to another level.

Let us dive into Simon’s journey, his transformative impact on the private dentistry and healthcare sectors, and the secrets behind his unrivalled success!

The Visionary Driving Innovation

Simon Hubbard’s role as Chief Marketing Officer for the Direct Dental Group and the award-winning specialist London Dental practice, Fulham Road Dental, exemplifies his ability to drive innovation, establish strong brands, and achieve exceptional results in Dentistry at an unrivalled pace.

Simon continues to make a lasting impact on the dental organization he leads, driving success in the field of dentistry and cementing his reputation as a trailblazing CMO who revolutionized marketing principles. At Fulham Road Dental, Simon played a key role in the company’s start-up phase. As lead creative, he was responsible for developing the brand’s identity, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence in both digital and print media. His marketing strategies and creative campaigns facilitated early patient acquisition, surpassed targets, and established FulhamRoad Dental as a leading referral dental practice in London.

Fulham Road Dental

Fulham Road Dental is a referral dental practice renowned for its commitment to providing the highest quality dental care and oral surgery, attracting the best dental talent from all over London, Specializing in a full range of dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants, oral rehabilitation, and sedation.

With a strong focus on patient care and the use of the latest technology, Fulham Road Dental has earned its reputation as one of London’s most trusted and innovative dental practices.Fulham Road Dental consistently outperforms the industry average in new patient acquisition rates by more than 300% month-over-month. With this unprecedented success, the dental practice is almost at capacity in less than two years after he started. This is largely due to the efforts conducted and managed by Simon Hubbard and his team.

In particular, Simon’s leadership played a key role in winning the prestigious industry award for Best New Dental Practice in London, highlighting the company’s excellence in dental services and patient care. Direct Dental, a sister brand of Fulham Road Dental, was conceived to launch as a national brand of private dental practice. This business model aims to bridge the gap and help patients transition from the NHS to private dentistry. They aim to create a comfortable environment based on state-of-the-art dental technology, with an emphasis on providing custom-made treatment that meets the needs of each patient. Under Simon Hubbard and executive leadership, Direct Dental has achieved significant business growth and performance in its first five months of operation, already exceeding the national average in patient acquisitions. Through strategic planning and effective acquisition strategies, this practice has achieved remarkable results in both revenue growth and competitive advantage in such a short period.

Delivering Exceptional Results

Simon Hubbard is a master at coordinating the entire marketing mix to produce superior results. His expertise spans multiple areas, including search engine optimization (SEO), web development, UI and UX design, conversion optimisation, graphic design, marcomms, digital and traditional marketing. By seamlessly integrating these elements, Simon ensures that campaigns have maximum impact across multiple channels.

The marketing landscape faces exciting developments throughout 2023 that embrace new technologies, including rapid advances in AI. With a career built on remarkable achievements and diverse skill sets, Simon has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive business growth, drive brand differentiation, and build and lead high-performing teams. His strategic vision and innovative approach have taken the organization to new heights and earned him widespread recognition.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles

Simon responded by stating the major challenges that dental care companies encounter when it comes to incorporating modern technology in the healthcare industry:

  • The Financial Landscape: One of the primary challenges is the significant financial investment required to adopt and integrate modern technology into dental care practices. High-tech equipment, software systems, and infrastructure upgrades can come with substantial costs, making it difficult for some dental care companies, especially smaller practices, to afford the latest advancements and stay ahead of the game.
  • Training and Education: Implementing modern technology requires proper training and education for dental care professionals and staff. It can be challenging to find complete systems that provide cohesive functionality and ensure that all team members are adequately trained to utilise the new technology effectively and efficiently. This requires time, resources, and ongoing support to help dental professionals adapt to and optimise the use of advanced technology for both clinical and administrative procedures.
  • Interoperability and Integration: The seamless integration of different technologies and systems within dental care can be a significant hurdle. Modern technologies should be able to communicate and share information across various platforms and devices, ensuring efficient workflows and seamless patient care. However, achieving interoperability and integration among different technologies can be complex, especially when dealing with legacy systems or incompatible software.
  • User Acceptance and Adoption: Not all dental care professionals may readily embrace or adapt to new technologies. Resistance to change and a lack of familiarity or comfort with advanced systems can impede the successful integration of modern technology. Dental care companies must invest in change management strategies, training programs, and user-friendly interfaces to encourage user acceptance and adoption of new technologies.
  • Patient Acceptance and Accessibility: Introducing modern technology into dental care can also raise patient concerns. Some patients may resist changes in traditional dental care practices or feel overwhelmed by advanced technology. Dental care companies must strike a balance and prioritise patient care, education, communication, and transparency to address any concerns and ensure patients understand the benefits and improvements technology can bring to their dental experience and oral health.

Extraordinary Outcomes

Leadership and Team Development: As a true leader, Simon Hubbard inspires and empowers teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes. His approach to recruitment and onboarding ensures that he assembles high-performing teams that are equipped to tackle any challenge whilst retaining a human touch and a strong focus on individual development.

Simons’ dedication to nurturing talent fosters a collaborative and innovative working environment. By

providing guidance and mentorship, he creates a culture of continuous growth and pushes his teams to surpass their potential, ultimately driving remarkable business success.

Path to Exceptional Patient Care

Establish Clear Communication: Effective communication is key to prioritizing and managing patient

care. Ensure open and transparent communication with patients, their families, and the healthcare team. Actively listening to patients’ concerns, providing clear explanations of diagnoses, procedures, and treatment plans, and addressing any questions or uncertainties the patient may have are all instrumental in the patient’s journey and experience.

Practice Self-Care: Taking care of yourself is essential for effective patient care. Prioritise self-care, manage stress levels and seek support when needed. By maintaining your well-being, Simon believes you can approach patient care with compassion, focus, and resilience.

Strategies to Embrace Innovation

Embrace Innovation and Creativity: Simon emphasizes the importance of fostering an innovative and creative mindset. Encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to think outside the box, challenge everything and seek unique solutions to problems. Innovation is often the key differentiator in

competitive markets.

Build a Strong Network: Networking is essential for entrepreneurs, and Simon understands the true value of building a strong network of industry professionals, mentors, and like-minded individuals. Networking provides valuable guidance, support, and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

Develop a Resilient Mindset: Entrepreneurship can be challenging and full of obstacles. Simon encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to develop a resilient mindset, embracing failures and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. Resilience and perseverance are key traits that help them navigate difficult times and apply that learning to future endeavors.

Take Calculated Risks: Simon would advise entrepreneurs to be open to taking calculated risks. Encourage them to evaluate potential risks and rewards thoroughly whilst being willing to step out of their comfort zone. Taking well considered risks can lead to significant growth and opportunity

Continuously Learn and Adapt: The business landscape, and life in general, is ever-evolving. Simon emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. Encourage entrepreneurs to stay updated with industry trends, seek knowledge through courses, professional partnerships, workshops, and mentorship programs, and be willing to adapt strategies and approaches based on market dynamics.

Surround Yourself with a Talented Team: Building a talented and diverse team is crucial for success. Simon would advise entrepreneurs to surround themselves with individuals who complement their skills and share their passion and vision, similar in drive but different enough to challenge the way forward. A strong team can bring diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences, contributing to the overall success of the venture, and above all, have fun!

Raving Industry Leaders

Client Testimonial – Dr. George Cheetham BDS, MJDF (RCS Eng) MSc Restorative Dentist | Owner of Fulham Road Dental & Direct Dental Group.

Upon setting up a new business in the dental sector, my partner and I very quickly realized we needed help in the marketing department. We approached several companies for help, and Simon shone above the rest for his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm on the topic.

Simon’s work has been essential for the rapid growth of our  London-based dental practices and the wider Group- so much so that we were thrilled to offer him the position of Chief Marketing Officer For the Group. We consider Simon to be an essential part of our business and the impressive success that we have achieved in such a short timeframe.

Our new dental clinics have won prestigious awards within the industry; we exceed all industry standards in terms of patient sign-ups and attract industry-leading dental clinicians from all over the world – no doubt due to the brand and the business Simon is helping us to build.

– George Cheetham

Client Testimonial – Lucy Hunt BSc Hon New Patient Manager at Direct Dental Group

Having Simon acting as Chief Marketing Officer across our Group has elevated and accelerated our position as one of the fastest-growing Dental Practices in London. Simon’s wealth of experience over a range of industries has meant that within a matter of months, we exceeded the average new patient figures for our dental practices.

With cutting-edge technology and innovation implemented by Simon, we can target potential patients with specialized and targeted SEO and marketing campaigns. He has also implemented leading CRM systems and reporting tools to track data accurately and get genuine, real-time information on what our patients need and when. This innovative corporate thinking has built a high-quality pipeline of new business and generated over 200 outstanding Google reviews in record time, keeping me very happy and my team busy!

Put simply, we would not have opened our second practice so quickly without Simon onboard, and we have two additional new practice locations planned to open by the end of 2023!

The team really can’t thank him enough.

– Lucy