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Shahjahan Bemmanchery

Shahjahan Bemmanchery: Cultivating a Culture of Growth

Empowering individuals to reach their full potential is the key to discovering organizational success. When we foster an environment of collaboration and continuous growth, remarkable things happen.” – Shahjahan Bemmanchery

As the COO of E-commerce & Retail Chain at Electric House Company, Shahjahan brings a leadership philosophy rooted in empowerment, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of social management, he is a strong advocate for discovering the maximum potential of each individual within his organization.

Bemmanchery’s approach to leadership is defined by his active promotion of teamwork among his staff, recognizing that fostering a collaborative environment not only enhances enjoyment but also drives productivity. He firmly believes that the most effective solutions are born from the collective efforts of a unified team, where diverse perspectives and skills converge to tackle challenges head-on.

“The value of hard work is incomparable in this world,” Bemmanchery often reminds his team members. “While rewards may not always be immediate, there is always room for learning and growth.” This mindset encourages a culture of continuous improvement, where individuals are empowered to embrace their unique contributions and strive for personal and professional development.

Bemmanchery’s leadership philosophy extends beyond mere rhetoric; he actively seeks out opportunities to streamline processes and enhance the overall experience for both his team and customers. With a keen eye for efficiency and a passion for finding innovative solutions, he encourages his team to think creatively and challenge the status quo, always striving to make processes easier and save valuable time.

One of Bemmanchery’s guiding principles is the belief that true success lies in the collective efforts of a team, rather than individual achievements. He actively discourages comparisons among team members, emphasizing the significance of each person’s unique contributions to the organization’s overall success.

This inclusive and empowering approach has fostered a culture of trust, respect, and camaraderie within Electric House Company’s e-commerce and retail chain division. Bemmanchery’s leadership has not only inspired his team to achieve remarkable results but has also positioned the company as a leader in its industry, setting new standards for customer experience and operational excellence.

Below are the interview highlights:

As a COO, what strategies do you implement to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation within your organization?

I have recently joined the Electric House Group with the goal of enhancing its journey towards innovation and digitalization. Our Chairman, Mr. Talal Idriss, is deeply passionate about leveraging the best technology and processes to enhance customer service.

In our industry, challenges with the procurement process have been longstanding and global, with the MEP sector still lacking a comprehensive solution.

With my 20 years of experience in this industry and the company’s history of over 50 years, our focus every day is on finding the best ways to serve our customers. Digitalization plays a crucial role in this effort, as highlighted by the development of our advanced e-commerce platform. By merging our e-commerce and retail channels, we aim to extend our services to customers more effectively and enhance their overall experience. We believe that these strategic steps place us on the right path towards success.

What emerging trends do you foresee impacting the industry in the next few years, and how are you preparing your organization to adapt to these changes?

The industry is evolving rapidly, with key trends such as digitalization, automation, and the adoption of IoT and AI revolutionizing operations. Sustainability will drive eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions to meet regulations and consumer demands. Innovative procurement models will streamline processes and reduce costs.

To prepare, we are:

  • Investing in cutting-edge technologies for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.
  • Upskilling our workforce to adapt to new trends and technologies.
  • Fostering collaborations with technology providers, experts, and research institutions to stay informed and drive innovation.

How do you stay informed about industry developments and incorporate this knowledge into your strategic planning?

Events are great for learning about new technologies, products, and trends while also offering opportunities to network and discuss strategic directions with other professionals.

Regularly conducting or reviewing market research reports can provide data-driven insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.

What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you prioritize to gauge the success of your operational strategies?

My KPIs prioritize process improvement and operational efficiency, even though these areas can be challenging to measure. I believe that focusing on these aspects is fundamental to driving long-term success. Ultimately, financial performance remains a key indicator of a company’s overall health and is central to our KPIs. By constantly refining processes and enhancing operational efficiency, we aim to achieve strong financial outcomes.

How do you leverage technology and digital tools to enhance operational performance and drive business growth?

We fully prioritize automating processes using the latest technology. Our toolkit includes top-tier CRM systems, advanced ERP solutions, enhanced communication platforms, and robust digital marketing tools. We also leverage webchat, the WhatsApp API, workflow management software, and powerful analytics tools to drive our operations. By integrating these technologies, we aim to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and support business growth.

What strategies do you employ to continue growing both personally and professionally as a COO?

I believe in the importance of continuous learning and reading as foundational elements for growth. In addition, I focus on learning advanced tools and technology to enhance operations, improve task management, and optimize time management. I also prioritize creative thinking and being open to new ideas, which are essential for innovation and staying ahead in today’s dynamic business environment.

How do you engage with external stakeholders, such as clients, partners, and investors, to foster mutually beneficial relationships?

My focus on engaging with external stakeholders is centered on open and transparent communication, building trust and credibility, and maintaining regular engagement.

What advice would you give to aspiring COOs who aim to make a significant impact in their organizations?

Focus on achieving excellence and making a significant impact in your industry. When you prioritize these goals, everything else, such as position, money, and prestige, will follow.