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RTÉ Plans to Spend €755,000 on Market Research Over the Next Three Years

National broadcaster RTÉ plans to pay firms an estimated €755,000 over three years to conduct audience market research on its behalf. According to a new tender by RTÉ, the broadcaster is looking to establish a framework of suppliers for Market Research Services “to facilitate our understanding of our audiences and enable optimum performance of the business in fulfilling its public service remit”.

According to the tender, the broadcaster is looking for a framework of vendors “who can provide quality market research services in a cost-effective manner”.
The tender’s announcement comes against the backdrop of declining TV licence income following a slew of crises that have plagued RTÉ since late last June.

According to recent numbers, TV licence fee income fell by €21.9 million from late June 2023 to late February compared to the same time the previous year.
According to the new tender, RTÉ’s aim “is to enrich Irish life with content that challenges, educates, and entertains”.
It claims that key to this purpose “is a relentless focus on the audience as RTÉ’s primary stakeholders and reason for being”.
In it, it claims that “audience needs and behaviours, now and into the future will inform decision making to ensure that RTÉ continues to deliver relevant, quality and valued content and services” .

The tender indicates that a precise detailed specification for each research project will be provided when the study is tendered for, via a document known as a Mini Market Research Tender Request.
The tender stipulates that people submitting should have experience with a variety of qualitative tools, including focus groups.
According to a spokesman for RTÉ, “This Framework of suppliers for Market Research Services is a continuation of the one already in place and allows RTÉ’s Audience Insights team to work with a panel of expert agencies over the next three years on important research projects.”

He stated, “Understanding our consumers and their shifting needs, interests, and behaviors is critical to RTÉ’s ability to successfully reach and engage these audiences, as well as fulfill its public service remit. As such, it is vital to the business.”
He stated, “The amount quoted is an estimated value for the duration of the contract.” The sum has not been committed to spend.”
He went on to say that “all tenders are approved by RTÉ‘s Interim Leadership Team” .
Those wishing to submit tenders have until April 29th to do so, and the tender material notes that RTÉ intends to pick roughly 10 best scoring tenderers for the Framework within a suitable timescale.

The broadcaster plans to notify the top ten highest scoring tenderers by May 17th.

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