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Roshunda Buchanan

Roshunda Buchanan: Fostering Transformation through Passion and Purpose

Forging Connections, Fostering Collaboration, and Inspiring Positive Change!

In our diverse society, there are people who stand out for their commitment to making the world better. These folks are like architects of change, and they leave a lasting impact on our world.

Among these change-makers are dreamers. They’re the ones who look ahead and imagine a better tomorrow. They might be inventors, entrepreneurs, or innovators. Their ideas can change entire industries and make our world a better place. One of them is Roshunda Buchanan, Founder of 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation. With expertise spanning across a spectrum of fields including community development, compliance, workforce and leadership development, publishing, and nonprofit work, she embodies the spirit of versatility and adaptability. This multifaceted approach has equipped her with a unique perspective that she channels into every endeavor.

One of Roshunda’s defining qualities is her ability to forge connections. She excels at bringing people together, aligning their efforts with purposeful programs that drive positive change. Her work is a testament to the fact that true transformation happens when like-minded individuals come together to collaborate and make a difference.

Passion is the driving force behind Roshunda’s commitment to fostering collaborations that matter. Her dedication to meaningful partnerships is rooted in her belief that collective efforts have the power to bring about enduring change within communities. Her work serves as a reminder that collaboration isn’t just a strategy; it’s a philosophy that underpins real progress.

Roshunda’s dedication to growth and development is unwavering. Her academic journey, marked by an Associate degree in Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Nonprofit Development, reflects her commitment to knowledge and self-improvement. But her quest for learning doesn’t stop at academia.

In 2008, Roshunda’s life took a pivotal turn that set her on a transformative path. Joining Seedco (Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation), she found a platform that aligned with her deepest desires to impact lives positively. Seedco’s mission to catalyze economic opportunities for those in need resonated deeply with Roshunda, and it became the foundation for her purpose-driven trajectory.

Roshunda’s journey is a testament to the belief that purpose fuels passion and passion fuels action. Her unwavering commitment to making a difference, as showcased by her selection as a Forbes Next 1000 Honoree for the nation’s most inspiring Entrepreneurial Superstars of 2021, stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring change-makers.

Join us as we explore her remarkable journey, her commitment to lifelong learning, and her passion for fostering collaborations that have the potential to transform communities and lives!

Bridging Talent to Opportunity

Established in 2005, the 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation has a clear mission: to bridge the gap between personal talent and employment opportunities. They achieve this goal through innovative programs and initiatives that offer socially enriching educational opportunities. One of their standout initiatives is the “Find Your Design” Career & Leadership Training program, which goes beyond traditional pre-apprenticeship and mobile training programs. It serves as a catalyst for personal and student development by combining vocational training with leadership skills enhancement. The program empowers participants to not only discover their aspirations and passions but also foster their growth as competent professionals.

What sets this program apart is its recognition of the unique talents and dreams that each participant possesses. It actively encourages individuals to explore their potential, refine their leadership abilities, and share their inspirations with fellow participants. This collective journey of self-discovery and growth creates a supportive environment where participants can chart an improved career path aligned with their personal passions and aspirations. The program offers real-world practicums, apprenticeship placements, college preparation, and volunteer work experiences to provide participants with a diverse array of opportunities.

The 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to transformative change and wholeheartedly dedicated to its mission.

Key Achievements

  1. Certified Girl Boss: Global Women’s Empowerment Network
  • Launched the Certified Girl Boss initiative, a global network aimed at empowering talented and driven women with purpose.
  • Mentored and guided women toward leadership roles to create equitable opportunities in communities.
  • Supported professional women focused on education, innovative business solutions, and scaling successful programs.
  • Provided tangible resources and seed money to small and home-based businesses throughout the community.
  • Conducted impactful billboard campaigns and photoshoots celebrating women’s achievements, especially during the pandemic.
  1. Find Your Design Coloring and Activity Book:
  • Developed the Find Your Design Coloring and Activity Book with my nephew, co-author Mark Gentry targeting youth ages 6-12. Mark is age 17 and now a senior in high school, but he was age 14 when he co-wrote the stories.
  • Designed to help young individuals explore various career interests through relatable characters.
  • Incorporated resume development examples, skills matching exercises, leadership skillsets, and business development concepts.
  1. 2Unique Closet Boutique
  • Established the 2Unique Closet Boutique to provide essential items at no cost to referred clients.
  • Supported families experiencing hardships like house fires, homelessness, and unemployed individuals facing basic needs challenges.
  • Partnered with Meritan, Inc., serving as a host agency sponsor for their Senior Employment and job training program.
  1. Workforce Development Specialists Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • Launched the “Workforce Development Specialists Registered Apprenticeship Program” to foster a diverse pool of skilled professionals.
  • Offer specialized credentialing such as Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt & Green Belt, Essential Skills to HR, Curriculum Development, and more.
  • Collaborated with employer partners to provide training for aspiring musicians, chefs, and animal care workers (dog grooming), expanding beyond conventional education.
  • Apprenticeship Program Tracks include Workforce Development Specialists, Musician-Artist Development Specialists, Chefs, Animal Care Workers (Dog Groomers), and Business Development & Consultancy. Stemmed from their flagship program, “Find Your Design” Career & Leadership program.
  1. 2Unique Magazine – represents empowerment, connection, and community impact.

2Unique Magazine’s main objective is to provide information, exert influence, and make a significant impact. By presenting a unique perspective, this magazine serves as a platform for young professionals to connect with like-minded individuals, engage in community activities, and discuss current social issues. The magazine aims to motivate and support its readers, even during difficult times. It focuses on showcasing celebrities who actively contribute to their communities.

Honors and Networking

Roshunda’s journey as a leader has been significantly influenced by her recognition as a Forbes Next 1000 Honoree and her experience as a Leadership Memphis graduate. These milestones have provided her with unique insights, valuable connections, and an increased sense of responsibility that continue to mold her path.

It not only validated her contributions but also boosted her confidence in her chosen path. This recognition affirmed that her work is indeed making a meaningful impact in her field, encouraging her to continually push boundaries and strive for excellence.

Her journey as a Leadership Memphis graduate has connected her with a network of like-minded individuals who share her dedication to effecting positive change in the community. This network serves as a valuable resource for ongoing learning, collaboration, and collective problem-solving.

Together, these recognitions have profoundly shaped Roshunda’s leadership style. They instilled in her a deep commitment to excellence, a profound sense of responsibility, and a strong dedication to collaboration. They serve as a constant reminder that leadership isn’t just about personal achievement; it’s about making a positive contribution to society. As a result, her approach to professional growth has become more intentional and focused. She places a strong emphasis on continuous learning, active community engagement, and creating opportunities for others to succeed.

Challenges and Solutions

Roshunda sheds light on the challenges plaguing the nonprofit development and higher education sectors, with a significant issue being the existence of silos in job training and education. This phenomenon denotes the disconnection between job training opportunities and educational pathways, resulting in individuals either holding degrees without practical skills or possessing skills without recognized credentials.

Nonprofits and educational institutions often function independently, leading to a mismatch between individuals’ skill sets and their qualifications. Graduates may find themselves inadequately prepared for the workforce as their degrees may not align with the practical skills required for specific job roles. Conversely, those lacking formal degrees may encounter barriers when pursuing certain career opportunities.

Nevertheless, there are viable solutions to tackle these challenges. One promising approach involves the exploration of experiential and project-based learning. Through collaboration, nonprofits and higher education institutions can craft hybrid programs that amalgamate academic knowledge with experiential learning components, such as registered apprenticeship programs.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

For Roshunda, the pursuit of lifelong and continuous learning serves as a powerful driving force in her professional journey. The ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit development, shifting workforce trends, and the perpetual quest for process improvement demand an unwavering dedication to ongoing education. She not only values this opportunity but embraces it wholeheartedly, recognizing that it empowers her to make relevant and meaningful contributions to her field. Grateful for her role in the dynamic workforce ecosystem, she actively participates in shaping and transforming its ever-changing landscape.

Raving Rewards

  • Roshunda’s partnership, mentorship, and consultation have been instrumental in our journey to becoming a Registered Apprenticeship Program. Her knowledge and dedication have streamlined the process, and her ongoing support has helped us reach new levels in our programming services and achieve success. – LaDell Beamon, Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis.
  • Working with Roshunda Has been a game-changer for our company. Her strategic approach to business development & consultancy has allowed me to connect the dots for my career, as well as open up pathways that are leading me to grand opportunities. I cannot express the gratification of this service. – Tiffany Lewis, owner of Nana’s Pudding.
  • Roshunda’s expertise in apprenticeship programs has been invaluable to our college, Southwest Tennessee Community College. Her guidance and insights have helped us design effective training pathways that align with industry needs, providing our students with the skills needed to excel in their careers. – Dr. Aaron Jagers, Department Chair – Technologies and Engineering Technologies.