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Recent JV LENSRXLAB Raises $830K in Seed Funding

Startups Bon Vivant Safety Eyewear Company, Inc. and Tioga Optical Lab QOZB, LLC, have secured $830k in seed funding for their joint venture LENSRXLAB. Founded by Anthony B. Miles, a US Navy Trident Nuclear Submarine Force Veteran, and Dr. Chelise Firmin, Optometrist, the venture aims to develop two B2B Healthcare Delivery Platforms and proprietary Advanced Lens Technology for Diabetics.

The funds will be allocated for the expansion of their two B2B Healthcare Delivery Platforms, scaling up production, hiring key personnel, and investing in equity for the development and acquisition of automated production equipment. Additionally, the funds will support the construction of an 18,629-square-foot manufacturing facility adjacent to Temple University Health Sciences Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This facility will serve all 48 U.S. States including Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

LENSRXLAB’s B2B solutions encompass an online Supplemental Vision Benefits Platform designed specifically for Diabetics. Catering to Hospitals and Medical Clinics, Health Insurance Companies, Corporate Employers, Military/Veteran Organizations, Diabetic Care Centers, Health Programs, and other entities, LENSRXLAB presents a novel approach with its inclusive all-in-one diabetic eyewear packages, covering single vision, bifocal, and progressive options. This ensures accessibility for patients, service members, veterans, beneficiaries, and employees alike.

The duo’s latest innovation is DiaVista, an exclusive advanced lens technology featuring Nirtech® with seven lights and UV + IR protection. This cutting-edge technology will be available through both LENSRXLAB’s B2B platforms and distributed globally through strategic partnerships.

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