You are currently viewing On display at the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) are lithium metal batteries from Montavista

On display at the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) are lithium metal batteries from Montavista

Montavista Energy Technologies Cooperation (Montavista) made a significant impact at the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) held at the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. With over 2,500 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors on the first day, CIBF has established itself as the world’s largest battery fair. As a keynote speaker, Professor Zhang Yuegang, the founder of Montavista, delivered a speech on “Lithium Metal Battery Technology Roadmap and Application Perspectives” during the China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit, one of CIBF’s key events. The summit saw the participation of experts from the battery industry and official delegations from countries such as Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Professor Zhang discussed the development trends of lithium metal battery technology, the global battery market landscape, and the importance of establishing a sustainable ecosystem for the international battery industry. He highlighted that lithium, with its high electrochemical reactivity and lightweight properties, holds immense potential as the ultimate anode material for high-energy-density batteries. Montavista has made significant advancements in enhancing the safety and stability of lithium metal batteries through extensive research and commercialization efforts. Their ultra-high energy density METARY® E series products, with mass-specific energy density exceeding 500Wh/kg, garnered attention at the exhibition. Additionally, the long-cycling METARY® EL series, ultra-high-power METARY® P series, and large-capacity METAXELL® S series products targeting electric vehicle applications also received significant interest.

Montavista’s participation in the International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit at CIBF strengthens its global partnerships. The company remains committed to lithium metal battery innovation and aims to contribute to the global “decarbonization” goals by promoting sustainable development in the battery industry through international collaboration.