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Nikita Kandath

Nikita Kandath: The Marketer’s Manifesto 

A Decade of Innovation, Events, and Enterprise Solutions!

Today, connectivity has become analogous to life itself. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are surrounded by a web of connections that form our interactions, our work, and our daily routines. But what if, suddenly, these connections were to vanish? What if we found ourselves in a world without connectivity?

Imagine waking up to a world where your smartphone is nothing more than a paperweight, devoid of the constant stream of notifications and updates that have become a staple of modern life. No emails, no social media, no instant messaging—just silence. The internet, once a vast repository of information and entertainment, now lies dormant, inaccessible to all.

This simple thought serves as the foundation of Nikita Kandath’s journey, a seasoned marketer directing the complex landscape of technology innovation. As the Regional Marketing Manager at CommScope, she is no stranger to the volatile dominion of ICT enterprise solutions. With nearly a decade of experience in her arsenal, her trajectory in marketing has been nothing short of remarkable.

Nikita’s work path took her through a variety of professions after receiving her master’s degree, from event planning to negotiating the complexities of the banking industry. However, it was the technology industry’s attraction that drew her in and helped her land her current position.

“The technology sector is always at the crux of innovation and new developments,” reflects Nikita. It’s this perpetual wave of advancement that fuels her passion and ignites her drive to be at the forefront of digital transformation. For over seven years, she has been a stalwart in the tech industry, organizing initiatives that bridge the gap between innovation and implementation.

In a world where connectivity is not just a luxury but a necessity, Nikita’s role becomes pivotal. Her strategic shrewdness and creative flair converge to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, driving the adoption of cutting-edge solutions. But her journey is more than just a professional pursuit; it’s a testament to the power of pliability and adaptability in a versatile sphere.

Join us as we explore her journey:

Building Better Networks with CommScope

During the company briefing, Nikita explained that CommScope assists businesses worldwide in designing, constructing, and overseeing their wired and wireless networks. With over 45 years of experience in networking, along with 15,000 global patents and patent applications, CommScope’s network infrastructure solutions aid customers in various ways. These solutions help boost bandwidth, optimize existing capacity, enhance network performance and reliability, improve energy efficiency, and facilitate technology migration.

CommScope’s solutions are deployed in diverse settings, including large buildings, venues, outdoor areas, data centers, buildings of various sizes and complexities, wireless cell sites, cable head ends, telco central offices, airports, trains, and tunnels. Vital networks across the globe rely on CommScope’s dependable solutions.

Crafting Effective Digital Media Campaigns

Highlighting the importance of identifying the target audience, the team acknowledges the diverse nature of their customer base, which comprises end customers, channel communities, and system integrators. To effectively engage with these distinct segments, the team customizes their digital campaigns accordingly. Their approach involves delivering technical content to specific audiences while providing informative content to others.

Once the audience is defined, Nikita’s team explores various digital channels to understand customer behavior online. They employ an omnichannel approach to reach these customers effectively. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are not only based on engagements and impressions but also on the number of opportunities influenced from a revenue standpoint through their campaigns.

Successful Social Media Campaign

Nikita shares examples of successful social media campaign activations she’s overseen. She explains, “We aimed to encourage more enrollment in our company’s training academy courses, especially among the technical community.” To achieve this goal, they collaborated with a distributor to launch a social media competition. The competition incentivized participants to complete the highest number of courses within a month. This initiative generated significant excitement, motivating participants to enroll in at least five courses to qualify for the competition. Ultimately, the campaign not only increased course enrollment but also enhanced the technical skills of participants, contributing to the company’s growth in the long term.

Approach to Staying Current 

In every industry, including digital marketing, Nikita illustrates how important it is to keep up with developments. She describes how she keeps one step ahead of the competition by consistently reading publications, industry reports, and other websites. To further improve her comprehension of the digital scene, she also goes to pertinent events. In order to allow the exchange of ideas and learn from best practices that are gradually adopted, she emphasizes the significance of keeping up a network of industry peers.

Creative Content in Marketing

In order to preserve consistency in marketing and digital assets across platforms, Nikita emphasizes the significance of following brand rules. The business guarantees a consistent message in all communications by adhering to these rules. She notes how important unique material is to improving already-existing designs and formats, which helps set the business apart from rivals. As a result, the business always looks for new and creative ways to create and market content.

A Team Approach

When taking on difficult marketing assignments, Nikita demonstrates the value of teamwork. According to her explanation, their methodology entails collaborating closely with a local sales team and research team to identify the target demographic for every campaign. She admits that it can be difficult to get permission for innovative content that promotes their technology, especially when management or leadership objects.

To navigate this obstacle, Nikita advocates for transparency and early involvement. By sharing the campaign plan with the team from the outset, they can secure buy-in and proceed smoothly. She recounts instances where projects faced delays due to management pushback, but they overcame these challenges by presenting a solid business case from the start and involving cross-functional teams throughout the process to prevent future hurdles.

Marketing Priorities

Through content syndication efforts and attendance at industry events, Nikita promotes the importance of demand generation, ROI, and opportunity influence as top priorities. Through tradeshows, social media campaigns, and other digital initiatives, the team also regularly evaluates brand awareness in terms of engagement, impressions, and conversion rates.

Collaboration in the Tech Sector

In order to provide correct information to the intended audience, Nikita highlights the value of teamwork in the technology industry and the necessity of collaborating closely with other departments. To understand regional trends and analyze market reports, collaboration usually entails working in tandem with the Global Strategy team. After that, working in tandem with the local sales team facilitates comprehending the needs and desires of the market. Lastly, she works in tandem with the Product Marketing Lead to create content, making sure everything is in line before launching campaigns to reach the target demographic.