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More than 20 New Innovative Firms are Produced by Founders Accelerator

More than 20 new tech firms have been produced by the Founders accelerator program, eight of which have already obtained pre-seed capital.

Run by Dogpatch Labs, a Dublin startup cluster, and supported by the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC), the accelerator is a 12-week program that paired 40 people to launch 20 new businesses.

The program, which started in September of last year, linked the co-founders of each firm who had never met before.

Thirty percent of the participants in the initial cohort were women, and they came from a variety of ethnic origins. Five percent of the participants were foreigners.

Experts from SpaceX and NASA were among the original group of Founders, together with former employees of Google, Meta, and Stripe.

The NDRC has now granted €100,000 in pre-seed finance to eight of the twenty new enterprises. Many of them, like Glitch Ads, were centered around artificial intelligence and attempted to streamline the advertising process for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Aisling Browne, a former Wayflyer employee, and Kingsley Kelly, an engineer who was formerly employed by Google, co-founded the business.

“I found my business partner and a vital network of entrepreneurs who sincerely wish us well,” Ms. Browne stated.

Inspeq AI is another artificial intelligence-focused firm. It is a platform that develops AI-testing solutions to enhance the inspection procedures for new products. Cocu is an AI tender writer that has been taught to work with unique company data.

Other businesses include Talio, which facilitates content creators’ communication with their fans, and Gemell, which supplies textile industry software for fabric visualization.

While GamesGrid seeks to engage audiences through games, Shōden concentrates on personalizing sales messages.