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Monkstown’s Lively Food Sector, Born from Lockdown Boredom, Flourishes

Conor Griffin and Dave Meehan, who are close friends, chose Monkstown as the location for their acai business after partnering with Irish Rail.

A young entrepreneur acknowledged that a dormant lockup idea was the reason behind the success of his oddball food business.

Co-owner of Roots, a specialty food caravan, is Conor Griffin. The company is well-known for their acai bowls, which are creamy smoothies from Brazil that are topped with additional fruit.

Conor takes great satisfaction in the nutritious food that the business offers. Roots opens weekdays at 7:30 am and has grown to be a well-liked gathering place in Monkstown.

“It’s a great alternative to going out on the lash,” he said to Dublin Live. We partnered with Irish Rail because we wanted to do something positive and beneficial for the community, and we haven’t looked back since.”

In July 2021, the company made its debut directly outside the Monkstown DART station. After spending some time in Australia, Conor had returned and was excited to set up a coffee dock in his front garden.

The aspiring businessman soon realized, though, that this strategy would be a logistical headache. When his friend Dave Meehan joined him, the two bought a wooden caravan from Dave’s previous employer, which had been used to serve sandwiches.

Conor said, “I needed something to do since I was pretty bored and the coffee dock was never going to work. At the time, Dave was employed in sales and wasn’t particularly enjoying his job. Before we came up with our name, brand, or anything else, we were able to obtain the food truck from his former manager.”

The two pals adore the Roots community hub that has been established. While sea swimmers and yoga enthusiasts arrive at the truck for a substantial breakfast, friends commonly cross paths in their busy line.

Despite their success, the small business owner acknowledges that growing expenditures have proven to be difficult. The two pals have imported thousands of kilograms of the purple fruit, aka Acai, which is a costly component.

Conor clarified, saying, “Our baby is Acai. I personally consume a bowl of it daily due to its incredible health advantages. Although it is pricey, many return for the components since they are nutrient-dense and aid with digestion.”

Later on, Roots launched a second business in Greystones, however it has since closed. Conor advised fans of acai to keep an eye out for more information, though, as the company plans to make a significant announcement in February.

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