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Mohammed AlMohri

Mohammed AlMohri: An Inspiring Producer and Music Executive Who Encouraged Millions to Never Give Up on Their Dreams

One of the most draining experiences is being forced to do work. Every job has its dull and draining moments, but when you are passionate about what you do, you can push past them because you know the next day will probably be filled with something fresh and engaging.

When you do, your creative process will be greatly accelerated. When you enjoy what you do, you are more likely to have creative ideas. Not only will this give your life more interest, but it will also likely improve your performance over time and enable you to advance in your career. By pursuing his passion for music and making a name for himself in the field and around the world, Mohammed Almohri proves the validity of the aforementioned claim.

DJ, producer of music, sound engineer, and founder of Outlaw Productions, W.L.L. Mohammed AlMohri. His musical career began in 1997 as an independent DJ in Bahrain, where he was born and raised. In order to broaden his horizons, DJ Outlaw began making music in 2003. His 2009 debut studio album, “History in the Making,” featured both local and foreign artists, breaking down barriers and fusing East and West in a way that had never been done before. The album also signaled the start of a new musical trend. It was also the first Bahraini hip-hop album to be distributed in physical copies at multiple outlets and across digital distribution platforms.

While his beginnings were focused on a Western hip-hop sound, over the years, Mohammed successfully developed a brand new sound by meshing hip-hop with Arabic and Khaleeji sounds and elements, eventually becoming the sound of a new era of mainstream music in the region. Most notable for producing songs for Outlaw Productions’ artists Flipperachi, Daffy, and Lil Eazy, his touch is behind the commercial success of major hit records such as “Ee Laa,” “Laywagef,” and “Shoofha,” among others, changing the sound of commercial music in the region and making him a trendsetter in the industry. By doing so, he successfully took hip-hop from a niche genre in the region that only hip-hop fans listened to and turned it into something that the general public enjoyed.

Journey of Making Dream a Reality

When Mohammed first began making music, he didn’t have access to any resources that would have helped him develop as a producer and artist, and no one else in the area was producing the kind of music he did on a professional level.

Mohammed wanted to continue growing after transitioning from a DJ to a producer.

About 20 years ago, Mohammed’s bedroom was where Outlaw Productions first began as a dream. “At that time, if you told anyone that you make hip-hop music and want to actually do that for a living, they’d laugh at you,” Mohammed says. So, it became sort of a challenge for Mohammed to prove people wrong and to prove to himself that he could do whatever he set his mind to.

Outlaw Productions wasn’t built overnight, and it took about ten years before it became an actual company in 2012 with a proper studio that wasn’t in Mohammed’s bedroom anymore.

Outlaw Productions

DJ Outlaw established Bahrain’s first hip-hop production label, Outlaw Productions, in 2003. Since then, the label has established itself as a leader in MENA hip-hop production and a significant trendsetter in the local music industry.

Outlaw Productions is a group of five artists based in Jeddah, Kuwait, and Bahrain who have released a number of singles, albums, mixtapes, and music videos that have swept the region. The group keeps working on bigger projects and collaborating with various artists to advance the local scene.

In 2013, Outlaw Productions opened a brand-new, officially recognized recording studio. Since then, the company has expanded its production services to include recording, composing, mixing, mastering, commercial radio production, and theme song production for businesses seeking to stand out in the crowd.

DJ Outlaw has also produced and executive produced several albums, including “Straight Out of 2Seas” by Flipperachi, “9ARAT” by Daffy and Flipperachi, and “The Proof” by Flipperachi and Lil Eazy. While all the albums contain elements of DJ Outlaw’s signature sound, they also each feature a variety of styles and directions that have proven his versatility.

DJ Outlaw has successfully worked with multiple international artists such as The Game, G-unit, MC Lyte, The Outlawz, Ace Hood, and Fatman Scoop. He has also shared the stage with names such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tony Touch, Junior Jack, Yves Larock, and DMC of RUN DMC.

Over the years, Outlaw Productions has worked with countless major brands, building a highly reputable resume and establishing itself as a leader and a go-to in the region for companies wanting to create fresh advertisements and hit songs.

Supporting the Emerging Talents

After a few years of making music, Mohammed began to take in young musicians and artists, nurturing them with the meager resources he had at his disposal. While the majority of these musicians stopped recording, some of them are still under contract with Outlaw Productions today and are among the most well-known figures in the local music scene. Mohammed and Outlaw Productions are now in high demand from labels and A&Rs to produce for and/or manage their artists as a result of their credibility.

In 2009, Mohammed also met his now partner in Outlaw Productions, producer/mix engineer Sarah Nabil. At the time, she was an 18-year-old aspiring producer/artist whom he mentored and worked with on OP’s day-to-day. He asserts, “Over the years, we’ve been able to grow OP into a leading independent record label, a production house, and an agency, so our operations and revenue streams are now diverse.” He further adds, “We’re lucky enough to be the go-to one-stop-shop for songs, ads, and video production and have worked with plenty of clients, from small companies to major brands such as Nike, Samsung, New Balance, Pepsi, and more.”

View on Building Business in the Industry

Mohammed’s biggest challenge over the years was establishing a career as a music producer and starting a record label in a market without a strong music industry ecosystem, both locally and regionally. A significant challenge has been figuring out how to make music into a profitable long-term endeavor. Due to the lack of a clear path to take, it took years of trial and error to overcome this. A key factor in overcoming these obstacles was assembling the ideal team and conducting a thorough analysis of the target market and demographic.

Today, the biggest challenge Mohammed considers is probably that the industry is very fast-paced and highly saturated. He states, “We’re in a time where making music has never been easier, especially cost-wise. This has created a very crowded market and somewhat diluted the quality of the music being put out in general, which makes it tougher to cut through than ever before.” He also adds that most of the time, musicians are frustrated because of this, and it can seem extremely difficult to make it, but the way to overcome it is to persist and be yourself in the process. He says, “If you work on developing yourself as a brand and are consistent with the music, you will inevitably find your position in the market. You also never know what catches on, so being authentic would take you much further than attempting to be exactly like someone else.”

Mohammed’s advice for emerging music artists and composers is to study the market well—both the global market and their own region. He believes that it’s important to understand market trends, consumer habits, gaps in the market, key players, etc., in order to be able to make calculated decisions. He also suggests, “Build a solid team around you to help you in your mission, and keep in mind it won’t be a walk in the park but will surely be worth it.”

Keeping Up with Tech Advancements

The music industry is constantly evolving, and there’s always a new technology that changes standards and how things are done. In recent years, technology has definitely brought more and more innovation into the music creation process, enabling quicker workflows. At OP, Mohammed and his team are always on the lookout for new products and technologies that can elevate how they work and our output. From time to time, they make sure to upgrade their studios, whether in the hardware or software.

Taking His Music to Global Audience

Mohammed aspires to be more widely recognized, producing major hits that pan across all territories and collaborating with top-tier international artists. He and his team are excited to expand the team and our operations in new markets as a company.

Mohammed’s primary passion is music, but he also enjoys playing video games when he isn’t creating music or spending time with his family. It serves as his method of relaxing. He is a huge MMA fan as well.

Awards & Recognition

  • Recognized by multiple governments and financial institutions in Bahrain as a leading entrepreneur in the country in entertainment.
  • Produced some of the region’s trendiest songs that have topped many charts across the platform.
  • Outlaw Productions became the first independent hip hop label in the region to sign major distribution after signing a distribution deal with Sony Music’s distribution arm, The Orchard.