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Microsoft Regains ‘World’s Most Valuable Public Company’ Title Surpassing Nvidia

The computing giant currently holds a valuation of £3.3 trillion (£2.6 trillion), edging out its closest competitors Nvidia and Apple in the ongoing battle among tech companies over artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Microsoft has reclaimed its position as the world’s most valuable public company just days after being overtaken by a rival. Nvidia lost its top spot after its shares dropped by 3.5% in the US on Thursday, reducing its market value to $3.2 trillion (£2.5 trillion). Despite a slight dip in its own share price, Microsoft closed the day valued at $3.3 trillion (£2.6 trillion).

Now, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple are engaged in a three-way contest for the top position, with analysts also speculating about which will become the world’s first $4 trillion (£3.2 trillion) firm.

Nvidia’s recent meteoric rise has been fueled by its early investments in AI products. It surged to the pinnacle of the stock market on Tuesday, following a 1,000% increase in its share price since October 2022, propelling its valuation to over $3.3 trillion (£2.6 trillion).

However, while some observers see limitless potential for Nvidia, others question whether the company has been overvalued. The sustainability of Nvidia’s dominance in AI will be crucial, with rivals aggressively investing in the sector to narrow the gap.

Gil Luria, an analyst at D.A. Davidson, expressed caution about Nvidia‘s long-term prospects, noting, “This level of performance is extremely difficult to maintain.” Brian Colello from Morningstar similarly highlighted that while Nvidia currently leads in AI, its future profitability could be constrained if viable alternatives emerge.

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