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Microsoft Announces Plans for New Data Centre in South Africa

Microsoft has announced plans to build a data centre campus in Kosmosdal, Centurion.

“Still in the early phases of development, Microsoft aims to build out its cloud infrastructure in new areas of South Africa to meet growing demand from public sector and private organisations for cloud and AI services and solutions in Africa,” the company stated.

“We look forward to working with the municipality, local organisations, and the residents of Kosmosdal as we develop our data centre plans in a sustainable way.”

Microsoft was the second “hyperscaler” to officially launch cloud computing services in South Africa after delaying the launch of its local Azure nodes several times.

As a result, Huawei beat them to the punch by a day.

Microsoft officially launched South African data centres in March 2019, in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

It introduced Azure Availability Zones in its South Africa North region in October 2021.

“Microsoft has a 30-year history in South Africa and is committed to accelerating the pace of technology transformation and digital enablement in the country, through key investments in infrastructure, innovation, and skills and enterprise development, to benefit all South Africans,” the company stated.

“This data centre campus represents the next step in Microsoft’s commitment to enabling and accelerating the pace of digital transformation in South Africa, and Africa, in an inclusive, trusted, and responsible manner.”

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