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Mehmet Keyvan

Mehmet Keyvan: Navigating the Future of Aviation

Revolutionizing Aviation with Sustainable Solutions and Cutting-Edge Technology!

In the perpetually evolving realm of aviation, the imperative for pioneering remedies has reached an unprecedented level of importance. The functioning of aircraft and their avionic systems is substantially reliant on precise and current aeronautical and navigation databases. These databases function as the fundamental support for secure and streamlined flights, guaranteeing that pilots possess the indispensable information at their disposal. Nevertheless, the aviation sector has encountered an urgent predicament – the requisite for more sustainable, economically viable, and cutting-edge resolutions.

The complexities within the aviation industry are manifold. Outdated infrastructure, exorbitant operational costs, and the constant need for environmental conservation have given rise to a complex network of concerns that require careful deliberation.

Driven by the desire to address these challenges, Founder and CEO Mehmet Keyvan embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Keyvan Aviation. His mission was clear: to revolutionize the aviation industry by providing cutting-edge solutions and products that replace outdated systems, aiming to offer cost-effective, time-saving, and sustainable alternatives that would benefit both airlines and the environment

With over two decades of experience as an avionic engineer, Mehmet brings a unique perspective to the table. His extensive background in aircraft installation and modification projects has given him invaluable insights into the critical issues that demand innovative solutions. Keyvan Aviation transcends the mere task of keeping abreast of the industry; it endeavors to establish a fresh paradigm. By furnishing competitive offerings and solutions, the company aspires to supplant antiquated systems with state-of-the-art, economically viable alternatives. In a world increasingly preoccupied with ecological concerns, it remains steadfast in its commitment to champion sustainable practices within the aviation sector. Their solutions harmonize with the industry’s burgeoning imperative to curtail environmental ramifications.

In addition to designing and developing solutions, Keyvan Aviation proactively engages with diverse committees and stakeholders. By imparting their expertise and ideas, they make a meaningful contribution to shaping the trajectory of aviation.

His journey from a young avionics engineer to the CEO of an innovative aviation company exemplifies the power of persistence and the drive to make a difference. With Keyvan Aviation, he aims to not only improve avionic systems but also lead the industry toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Journey into the Intriguing Inception Tale

According to Mehmet, the market necessitates fresh talent and healthy competition. He believes that operators should not be confined to outdated solutions and instead should seek better alternatives. Inspired by this motivation and idea, he embarked on establishing a company that eventually obtained EASA approval. The company aimed to become a reputable brand in the market and offer data-driven solutions, utilizing cutting-edge tools to address the operational challenges faced by various operators in the aviation industry, including civilian aircraft operators, private jet helicopters, military operators, and government operators. Additionally, the company recognized the emerging market of drone and UAV operations, which will soon share the same airspace as helicopters, civil jets, and military aircraft. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure secure operations for all entities in the limited airspace.

The Driving Force

Mehmet has experience working in line maintenance and base maintenance, where he acted as an end-user and representative for the company. This role provided him with valuable opportunities to engage in negotiations with suppliers.

He believes that this aspect of his career is crucial for his plans, as it has allowed him to understand the gaps, issues, and challenges that arise when seeking support from suppliers for repairs, spare components, software, or data updates. Each of these situations requires direct communication with the respective supplier, and Mehmet has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties that can arise in obtaining support. It is this understanding that has motivated him to embark on the arduous journey of establishing a unique business, despite facing competition from companies that have been around for decades. One of the driving forces behind his approach is his deep understanding of the true demands of customers, as he has always approached problem-solving from the customer’s perspective. This customer-centric mindset has significantly influenced their decision-making, overall strategy, and commitment to prioritizing consumer satisfaction.

Success in the Skies

Keyvan Aviation was designed with a focus on meeting the actual needs of the market and understanding the challenges faced by customers, leveraging Mehmet’s firsthand experience from the customer side. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, Keyvan Aviation aims to be competitive and flexible in accommodating the operational needs of its customers. This flexibility is particularly evident in the commercial airline sector, where it provides extensive coverage of aeronautical and navigation data worldwide. Unlike other providers, it does not charge additional fees for essential data; instead, it includes comprehensive coverage as part of its standard offering. This approach ensures that airlines do not incur extra costs for something that should already be included. Keyvan Aviation sets a higher standard by offering more extensive coverage within its standard package.

When it comes to private operators, Keyvan Aviation strives to be flexible and meet their specific requirements. While airports may not require aeronautical and navigation data, they have developed innovative tools using navigation data and mobility data from operations to help analyze ground movement, flight procedures, landing procedures, and take-off procedures. These tools aim to improve performance, increase the possibility of procedure usage, and design new procedures as needed. By utilizing these airport tools, airports can reduce taxi time, landing waiting time, and take-off time, ultimately leading to fuel savings, increased sustainability, improved performance, and enhanced capacity for arrivals and departures.

In terms of marketing, Keyvan Aviation provides airlines with the opportunity to operate at a lower cost in terms of fuel consumption. This is advantageous for the final operator. The company’s all-in-one solutions extend beyond avionic manufacturers and aircraft. They start with avionic manufacturers and cockpit flight management systems, which assist pilots in planning flights using electronic flight data. Additionally, these solutions aid airports, authorities, and airspace management in making informed decisions and designing improved airports.

Prestigious Memberships Propel Growth and Development

Being involved in organizations and associations can be beneficial for making connections, discussing needs and plans, and receiving innovative ideas. Mehmet finds it enjoyable to be a member of organizations like GYIAD, TUSIAD, or TURKONFED, which primarily focus on the economy, building strong companies, and fostering improvement. Engaging in conversations with experienced individuals from various industries allows him to gather ideas, gain insights into current events, and continuously enhance his knowledge to stay up-to-date with industry demands.

Game-Changing Impact of SC-217’s

Mehmet emphasizes the importance of SC-217’s work in developing standards for processing Aeronautical Databases and its impact on the aviation industry. According to him, the working groups in RTCA or EUROCAE, both organizations based in the United States and the European Union respectively, play a crucial role in enhancing industry standards and requirements. These groups consist of members from companies involved in similar businesses. For instance, a group focused on aeronautical data includes companies that process such data as well as those who utilize it for their avionics systems. The participants in these groups are highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals from around the world, ensuring that discussions revolve around the next steps for improving industry regulations and requirements. The creation of such groups aims to keep standards updated with the final requirements of customers and industry stakeholders.

Soaring to New Heights

In the past few years, the aviation industry as a whole faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The widespread lockdowns and disruptions had a major impact on airlines and operators, affecting the entire aviation community. However, in the aftermath of this challenging period, there emerged a collective determination to forge a better future for the industry, including Keyvan Aviation. Despite the difficulties experienced during COVID-19, Keyvan Aviation made concerted efforts to enhance its operations. The company focused on fostering innovation internally, ensuring that its tools, software, and infrastructure met the requirements set by the relevant authorities. One notable achievement that marked a significant milestone for Keyvan Aviation was obtaining the EASA LOA Type 1 Data Provider certificate. This prestigious certificate serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, Keyvan Aviation’s commitment to quality and reliability led to fruitful collaborations with renowned industry players. The company engaged in dialogue with GE Aerospace, which resulted in the signing of an agreement validating and accepting Keyvan Aviation’s data for use in GE’s FMS system—an essential component installed on aircraft. Similarly, Keyvan Aviation successfully worked with ASELSAN, a Turkish avionics systems manufacturer, further strengthening its portfolio of collaborations.

These accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as Keyvan Aviation has been honored with the distinguished Blue Sky Award in various categories. This recognition is a source of pride for the company and highlights its dedication to excellence. Additionally, Keyvan Aviation’s achievements were acknowledged when it was shortlisted for multiple categories at the Middle East Aviation Award in 2020 and 2022. These acknowledgments serve as a testament to the company’s hard work and unwavering commitment to a brighter future for the aviation industry.

Thriving Amidst the Shifting Tides

Keyvan Aviation strives to maintain strong connections with its customers to ensure that its offerings align with customer needs. They actively engage in conferences, negotiations, and committees to accurately understand the future of aviation and stakeholder requirements. This approach fosters an innovative mindset, allowing Keyvan Aviation to develop products that meet current and future stakeholder and industry demands. Additionally, their focus on technological solutions helps reduce unnecessary costs and enhance passenger satisfaction. One specific application of their solution is in airport management, addressing the issue of delays and excessive waiting times that can diminish customer satisfaction. By providing this comprehensive journey solution, Keyvan Aviation contributes to the overall improvement of the aviation market.

Bold Aspirations and Visionary Plans

As part of their future aviation plan, Mehmet from Keyvan Aviation has expressed the company’s interest in UAV and drone solutions. They have observed the lack of regulations and regulatory roles in the drone industry, which has caused concerns for many individuals. Currently, there are only a limited number of operators using drones for cargo, civilian, or military purposes. However, Mehmet believes that if they do not act now and prepare for the future increase in drone traffic, it will be too late to make important decisions regarding data layers, regulations, and flight procedures. To stay ahead of the curve, Keyvan Aviation has made the strategic decision to be actively involved in shaping the future of UAVs and drones. They are focusing on designing procedures and being prepared to meet market demands shortly.

Secrets to Success

Mehmet, when guiding aspiring entrepreneurs, said, “Success is not something to be gained overnight. Especially in the aviation industry, I believe it is more challenging than other industries because we are a small group of people. We are in the most advanced technical environment, and we are limited by lots of regulations, audits, and authority requirements. So being successful in such an environment is different from other industries. For this reason, we need more patience, more innovation, and more focus on the project. Of course, if you can offer something unique, you still need to wait until the market accepts your innovation. So, my advice is to keep innovating, keep planning for the future, and try to be a market leader.”