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Lion & Lion Introduces Social IntelliSync, a Novel Consultancy Practice Specializing in Social Media

Responding to the ever-changing needs of its clients, Lion & Lion, the Southeast Asian digital agency network, has consistently refined its product lines. After unveiling its Film & Content Production unit in 2023, Lion & Lion is now introducing Social IntelliSync in 2024—a social media consultancy practice that underscores its dedication to leading creative solutions.

Asher Cheelip Ong, the Regional Chief Creative Officer, expresses, “The introduction of Social IntelliSync signifies a noteworthy achievement in our ongoing commitment to innovate within our creative, social media, and digital solutions. Fueled by our clients’ escalating demand for enhanced business precision through social media, our new consultancy practice strives to assist brands and enterprises in navigating the progressively intricate and competitive digital and social media arena with greater efficiency and eloquence, providing sharper actionable intelligence as a guiding compass.”

In the continually evolving realm of social media, Lion & Lion acknowledges the rising popularity and increasing complexities across platforms. Social IntelliSync, by converting social data into actionable insights, delivers strategic, data-driven guidance to brands, facilitating quicker and more precise maneuvers across culture, community, content, commerce, and conversion. Ham Maghazeh, Group Director of Social Media at Lion & Lion, remarked, “Social IntelliSync unravels the intricate footprints of consumer sentiment, allowing each data point to unlock possibilities and revolutionize how brands engage with their audiences on social media.”

Crafted to elevate our social media services and brand visibility, this offering aims to cultivate creativity and identify distinctive perspectives that enable brands to distinguish themselves in the saturated realm of social media. The objective is to convey a human touch, spark conversations, and address challenges effectively.