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Kids’ Meals Cost Less than Euro 1 as IKEA Opens its Ballymun Location at Half Price

Every Friday, IKEA will lower its pricing for customers as part of a cost-cutting strategy.

Beginning on February 2, customers at the IKEA restaurant can receive 50% off their meal one day per week. Under the discount scheme, a child’s meal deal consisting of penne pasta with tomato sauce, fruit, and a drink will only cost 45 cents.

IKEA’s famous meatballs with mashed potatoes are one of the delectable dishes, and they only cost €2.95. Fridays are when you can have delicious fish and chips with peas for €3.75.

Additionally, the Swedish retailer will launch its in-store ‘New Lower Prices’ line. As part of their historic cost-cutting proposal, IKEA will give discounts on over 1,600 home furnishings items.
Michaela Quinlan, Chief Commercial Officer of IKEA Ireland, stated: “We’re staying true to our vision of creating a better everyday life at home by lowering the price of thousands of much-loved IKEA products, especially at a time when cost of living pressures continue to affect so many.” Our mission is to make our products accessible, affordable, and sustainable for as many people as we can. We take great pride in maintaining the lowest possible costs.

Vegetarians can also choose from plant-based items on the shortened Friday menu. The promotion is valid in Ballymun till the end of August.

The initiative is planned with a purpose of making the meals available and feasible for a larger number of children in these times of inflation.