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Khalid Maniar

Khalid Maniar: Transforming Crowe UAE into a Global Accounting Powerhouse

Empowering Clients, Driving Growth, and Shaping the Future of Accountancy!

Starting a career in a field that you are passionate about can be a dream come true. For some, it may take years to achieve that dream, but the journey toward it is always worth it.

In 1981, Khalid qualified as an ACCA with a practice in London. After three years, he immigrated to Dubai with the goal of continuing his career in audit practice. With the help of a UAE national, he was able to establish a practice in Dubai, making his dream profession a reality.

Dr. Khalid Maniar, Founder, and Managing Partner of Crowe UAE, stands as an exemplary visionary who has propelled the firm to remarkable heights. With a commitment to technical excellence, integrity, and global collaboration, Khalid has positioned Crowe UAE as a leading member firm of Crowe Global, recognized as one of the top 10 accounting networks worldwide.

In 1981, Dr. Khalid Maniar set out to establish a top-notch accounting practice in the UAE. He founded the firm Mak & Partners, starting as a sole practitioner. Driven by his unyielding pursuit of excellence and dedication to outstanding client service, he laid the groundwork for Crowe UAE’s exceptional journey. Despite humble beginnings in a small office apartment on Al Maktoum Road, Dr. Maniar’s unwavering vision and enthusiasm for delivering precise and meaningful guidance paved the way for future triumphs.

In order to meet the increasing requirements of the international business sector in the UAE, Mak & Partners recognized the need to expand their services. This led them to become a member of AGN International (formerly CKL International), a highly respected global association. This decision was a major turning point for the firm, resulting in the rebranding of the company as AGN Mak. By partnering with AGN International, Khalid’s astute move allowed Crowe UAE to offer clients access to a wide-ranging global network of knowledge, assets and possibilities.

Crowe UAE’s success is rooted in its unwavering pledge to maintain the highest levels of technical proficiency and integrity. With Khalid steering the helm, the company has fostered a culture of excellence that has attracted the best talent and nurtured a team of experts who embody the principles of integrity, collaboration, and ongoing growth. Their steadfast commitment to technical excellence guarantees clients receive the most precise and pertinent guidance, establishing Crowe UAE as a reliable advisor in the ever-changing business environment.

Crowe UAE’s exceptional growth and achievements led to its recognition as a leading member firm of Crowe Global. With over 750 offices and a global team of 35,000+ partners and staff, Crowe Global is renowned for its expertise in audit, tax, advisory, and risk services. Khalid Maniar’s strategic leadership and dedication to fostering global collaboration have played a pivotal role in the firm’s expansion and its ability to provide clients with comprehensive solutions on a global scale.

Guided by his passion for excellence and his unwavering commitment to client success, Khalid continues to drive Crowe UAE’s journey toward new horizons.

Let us delve into the extraordinary journey of Khalid Maniar and the evolution of Crowe UAE!

Please brief us about yourself and your journey in the industry, and what was your idea behind venturing into this sector?

In 1981, I became a qualified ACCA and started practicing in London. After three years, I decided to migrate to Dubai to continue my career in the field of audit practice. With the assistance of a UAE national, I was able to establish my practice in Dubai. This was a profession I had dreamed of pursuing since my school days.

Please brief our audience about your company, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a prominent name in the market.

In the early days, I faced many challenges and had to fight alone in a merciless world to establish myself as a reliable auditor without any international backing. However, I focused on providing personalized and responsive services as my unique selling point (USP), which helped me build a reasonable practice size. This caught the attention of an international network that was interested in my practice, plans, and ambitions. I was fortunate enough to gain their respect and support, which proved to be an excellent launchpad for success. Later, one of the top 10 networks showed interest in my work, and I joined them, which led to significant progress and exponential growth. Since then, there has been no looking back, and today, we are among the top 10 networks, ranking at number 8. Moreover, locally, we are even better, ranked at number 6. Our responsiveness to client’s needs has earned us many referrals and excellent recognition in the marketplace.

Shed some light on your offerings and how they impact the industry as well as your clients.

Our dedication to staying current with local laws, regulations, compliance, and market standards has consistently resulted in satisfied clients.

How did the firm evolve and grow over the years, and can you elaborate on the decision to join AGN International and how it helped Crowe UAE’s growth?

Our firm was able to achieve a unique position in the market thanks to AGN International (previously known as Clark Kenneth Leventhal). They provided us with essential strategies that helped us stand out from our competitors. As the first practicing firm in the area to publish a newsletter, we were able to share information on local legislation, technical updates, and other relevant news with our clients and peers. This helped establish our reputation and made us a household name in the industry. Thanks to AGN’s support, our firm grew rapidly and eventually joined the larger network of Crowe, which has provided us with a wide range of services not typically offered by other firms outside of the Big 4. We are now poised to reach even greater heights with their assistance.

How did the economic development of the UAE and the Middle East impact Crowe UAE’s business strategy, and can you speak about the approach to serving international businesses established in the UAE?

Economic development helped us achieve growth. We had to keep pace with the government’s thought process for the business community. We adopted the government’s call for regulations, compliance, free zone community establishment, and attending road shows with them.

How do you balance guiding global organizations to make smart decisions while also helping Crowe UAE grow as a multidisciplinary practice?

As a guide for businesses looking to establish themselves in the UAE, we offer multiple options for success. We have seen numerous entrepreneurs reconsider their initial decisions after carefully considering the available choices. Some have even had to make costly adjustments due to ill-informed decisions.

How do you incorporate the belief of “Finding a job you enjoy doing” into your daily work life?

It’s important to find joy and happiness in your work, especially when you see your clients benefiting from your advice. There is no justification for not enjoying what you do.

How have you helped your colleagues adapt to digital transformation and stay ahead of the curve, and how do you see the future of multidisciplinary practices evolving in the UAE and globally?

Technology is the key to development. Professionally, digital transformation can be explained in almost all areas of our work. With adoption everywhere, the left behind fear will make adoption easy.

As an inventive leader, what suggestions would you like to pass on to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be ready for change; otherwise,  people will change you. Life is changing minute by minute, and we need to keep pace.