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In the Realm of Video Content for Teenagers, YouTube Outperforms Netflix

A recent survey by investment bank Piper Sandler reveals that teenagers in the U.S. are spending more time watching videos on YouTube than on Netflix. According to the polled teens, 29.1% of their daily video consumption is on YouTube, surpassing Netflix for the first time at 28.7%. This shift indicates the increasing competitiveness of the streaming business and underscores YouTube’s strong position as a free provider of online video, particularly among younger audiences. The analysts at Piper Sandler suggest that this change in consumption habits may be influenced by improving content on YouTube and the growing competitiveness of the streaming industry.

Piper Sandler conducts this biannual survey focusing on teenagers’ preferences for brands, gadgets, snacks, and entertainment. The fall 2023 survey included responses from over 9,000 teens across the U.S., averaging just under 16 years old. Netflix and YouTube emerged as the top two platforms for daily video consumption, with Hulu coming in third at around 7%. Prime Video and Disney+ experienced an increase in timeshare, while teenagers reported spending less time on cable TV, HBO Max, and Hulu compared to the spring.

Notably, the survey did not compare YouTube and Netflix to TikTok but instead assessed TikTok against other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. TikTok emerged as the favorite social media platform for 38% of the surveyed teens, while Instagram led in self-reported monthly usage. The data also revealed an increase in teens spending approximately four and a half hours per day on social media, indicating the growing importance of digital platforms in their daily lives.

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