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Ilant Health Expanded its Seed Round to $5.5 million, Drawing Interest from New Investors

Ilant Health, a groundbreaking innovator in value-based obesity management and cardiometabolic health solutions, announced today the expansion of its seed round of fundraising from $3 million to $5.5 million. The startup, led by women, secured additional funding from new health-focused investors, including LifeX Ventures, Celtic House Asia Partners, and Cornucopian Capital, along with existing investors reaffirming their support for Ilant Health’s transformative vision.

The decision to extend the seed round follows Ilant’s increasing momentum driven by its robust clinical model and proprietary analytics. Notably, Ilant Health has earned significant acclaim, winning all three World 50 Group Academies — EHIR, HPIR, and PHIR — and being chosen for Highmark and Allegheny Health Network’s accelerator, AlphaLab Health. Recently, the company received the Employee Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR) Traction Award, recognizing it as the company generating the highest level of interest from EHIR employer members.

“AlphaLab Health looks for companies to solve problems facing healthcare today,” said Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Chief Physician Executive at Allegheny Health Network. “Obesity is a major healthcare problem without an organized market approach to solving it. Ilant’s team incorporated behavioral modification, medical and surgical therapies into an organized approach utilizing their proprietary algorithm to tailor the best answer for each patient. We believe they will have a bright future helping provider and payor systems solve this critical healthcare need.”

Ilant Health’s innovative value-based approach has garnered widespread attention, with much of its success attributed to the pivotal roles played by women. CEO Elina Onitskanky, recognizing the gender gap in venture capital funding, founded the company with the knowledge that only 2% of funding goes to women founders. However, Ilant has thrived thanks to the unwavering support of healthcare and women leaders and investors, who have helped shape its trajectory.

Elina, a Harvard Business School graduate, has garnered support from fellow alumnae throughout the company’s growth. Jessica Muse, recognizing the potential as an angel investor, joined as a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer during the company’s early stages. Rika Christanto, Partner at LifeX Ventures, identified Ilant Health’s vision and demonstrated confidence by investing $2 million in the company. Similarly, Chrissie Francona, acting as a scout for Pillar Ventures, recognized the startup’s potential and extended her support through investment.

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