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Ihab Hawari

Ihab Hawari: Driving Digital Transformation by Leveraging Technology for Organizational Growth

From the palm of our hands to the screens that dominate our living spaces, technological interaction has become a fundamental component of our everyday lives. Cell phones, social media platforms, and other electronic devices have transformed how we communicate, work, and connect with the world around us. While some say that technology divides people and creates limitations, it is important to remember that its actual potential rests in its ability to bring people together.

This sentiment is exemplified by individuals such as Ihab Hawari, CIO at Al Jabr Holding. With an enduring dedication to leveraging technology for organizational advancement, his expertise appears through the successful implementation of modern solutions such as Advectus for Oracle NetSuite at Al Jabr Trading Company, an Al Jabr Holding subsidiary.

With over five years of leadership experience at Al Jabr Holding, an influential conglomerate spanning multiple industries, Hawari oversees the group’s digital evolution and IT operations, ensuring seamless integration of technology with business objectives and customer requirements, driving creativity and productivity throughout the organization.

Hawari’s proficiency spans a spectrum of IT domains, from ERP implementation and cloud computing to FinTech and smart applications. His track record includes delivering transformative ERP projects for logistics, real estate, finance, and automotive sectors, elevating operational performance and agility. By championing IT service management best practices and cutting-edge technologies, he fortifies Al Jabr Holding’s competitive edge in a progressing market sector.

With a wealth of experience in manufacturing, petrochemicals, and reliability engineering, Hawari possesses a nuanced understanding of industry intricacies. His mission is clear: to leverage his blend of managerial acumen and technical proficiency to propel Al Jabr Holding and its affiliates towards sustained digital growth and success.

Let us explore his journey:

Al Jabr Holding’s Inception

Al Jabr Holding, since its inception, has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence and strategic investments. Notably, the company has achieved significant success by optimizing operations through the adoption of innovative solutions like Oracle Netsuite, Advectus, MenaiTech, CleanCloud, and I360Sell. These technologies have played a crucial role in enhancing efficiency within the Al Jabr Group.

In the early twentieth century, the enterprising businessman Sheikh Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Jabr grew up in the historic neighborhoods of Al-Ahsa. Overcoming various challenges, he, with his late father’s guidance, ventured into independent business endeavors focused on developing agricultural properties and their products. This marked a pivotal moment in the family’s history.

In 1952, Sheikh Hamad’s sons—Abdulaziz, Mohammed, and Abdullatif—continued his legacy by establishing a small foodstuff trading company. Over time, this venture evolved into a sophisticated corporation with diverse interests across various industries. The company’s international expansion began in 1956 in Al-Khobar, foreshadowing its remarkable growth trajectory.

Amidst its numerous accomplishments, Al Jabr Holding has remained dedicated to its social responsibility towards the nation and its people. The company has actively contributed to social and charitable initiatives, including constructing schools, providing housing for underprivileged families, and supporting over 400 licensed charitable institutions in the Kingdom.

Al Jabr Holding expresses heartfelt appreciation to all the companies operating across different sectors under its umbrella. These companies employ thousands of dedicated male and female professionals who have played integral roles in the success and prosperity of Al Jabr Companies’ journey.

Today, Al Jabr Holding stands as a diversified conglomerate with investments spanning multiple sectors such as Automobile, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Oil & Gas Services, and Contracting.

ERP Implementation Challenges

Drawing attention to previous ERP installations, exemplified by the one undertaken at Al Jabr Trading Company in collaboration with Advectus, Ihab elucidated how they successfully addressed challenges such as complex data migration intricacies and ensuring stakeholder alignment. Furthermore, their ability to overcome these obstacles is evidence of their steadfast dedication to carrying out projects to the highest standard and making the most use of the latest technology.

IT Service Management

Within the robust IT service management ecosystem at Al Jabr Holding, meticulously curated methodologies such as ITIL have been seamlessly amalgamated, setting a precedent for operational excellence. The profound expertise gained through the implementation of Track01 has not only showcased its unparalleled efficacy but has also spearheaded a paradigm shift in elevating service quality, streamlining operational efficiency, and meticulously crafting a user journey that is nothing short of seamless and sublime.

Business Application Development Project

A remarkable illustration of innovative technological integration can be observed in the deployment of Oracle NetSuite and Advectus within the Dealer Management System at Al Jabr Trading Company. This groundbreaking business application development endeavor has not just revolutionized but also magnified the efficacy of the supply chain processes within the company. This monumental initiative has distinctly propelled the company towards the attainment of its strategic objectives, thereby solidifying its position as a pioneering entity in the competitive business landscape.

Integration of Cloud Solutions

In leading the integration of cutting-edge cloud solutions at Al Jabr Holding, their profound encounter with the seamless amalgamation of Oracle NetSuite integration with MenaiTech HRMS, Clean Cloud, SalesBuzz, I360Sell, and Advectus has unequivocally underscored the paramount significance of fortifying our security infrastructure. In addition to setting a precedent never before seen, the deployment of these renowned SaaS Applications in a cloud environment has also illuminated the critical needs of data security and regulatory compliance across the complex terrain of these game-changing shifts.

Smart Applications for Efficiency and Customer Experience

Ihab passionately highlighted how smart applications, incorporating multiple technologies across various industries through a unified ERP system, have significantly boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction. An example of this is Advectus Solutions, which has revolutionized customer support, demonstrating its adaptability in enhancing both core and front-end operations of a Dealer Management system.

Applying Industry Knowledge

Ihab has expertly leveraged his considerable experience in trading, manufacturing, and petrochemicals to lead breakthrough digital initiatives. His skillful maneuvering has resulted in the seamless integration of cutting-edge ERP and front-end solutions spanning a wide range of technologies on convenient SaaS platforms into the company’s operations. It vividly depicts his skill in overcoming industry-specific challenges while grasping every opportunity that arises.

Unified Communication Systems Implementation

The radical integration of unified communication technologies at Al Jabr Holding, which includes Genysis’ cutting-edge Call Center solution seamlessly merged with Advectus’ comprehensive CRM platform, has ignited an upsurge in interdepartmental communication. This technological miracle has additionally facilitated the seamless transmission of critical information, increasing productivity and forming everlasting relationships amongst teams, making it more than just an upgrade and a significant step forward in terms of corporate connectivity and efficiency.

Vision for the Future of Digital Transformation

Ihab’s ambition for digital transformation at Al Jabr Holding entails building on previous successes such as ERP integration and the use of additional technologies such as Advectus. This involves remaining informed about developing technology, cultivating an innovative culture, and ensuring the organization’s adaptability to industry developments.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders in Retail

For prospective retail leaders, Ihab underlines the need to remain customer-focused and adopt transformational technologies. Their success with Advectus at Al Jabr Trading Company demonstrates how innovative solutions may have a long-term influence on retail operations.