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Ibrahim Can Narin

Ibrahim Can Narin: A Solution-Oriented, Innovative, and Dynamic Leader

An ambitious individual who developed himself in corporate and maritime law with solid communication, interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to inspire trust and confidence in others, Ibrahim Can Narin has proven himself to be a spearhead leader in the business world.

As the Partner at Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners, he oversees compliance, legal risks, and ethical process of several companies and achieving success for the firm.

KN & Partners provides an innovative service in the face of developing and changing legal regulations, alongside its ability to correctly and comprehensively respond to the necessities of the fields.

We caught up with Ibrahim and discussed his professional journey and goals.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please enlighten our readers about your company highlighting its significance in the modern industry.

Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners is one of the leading law firms, which has more than 80 colleagues who are one-by-one experts on different practice areas of law. Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners is one of the outstanding law firms which has partner offices in 28 countries and has proven itself significantly in many National and International Ranking Lists of Rating Agencies. Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners services through its dynamic and experienced team who has been working on the law practice areas containing insurance, finance, accounting, and audit, and has reached numerous local and international companies- clients in a short time. In total, Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners provide services to its clients with more than 50 employees gathered under one roof.

Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners integrate the knowledge and experience of its employees, who are experts in legal and industrial fields. This way, it offers its clients the best legal consultancy service in the industrial area.

Tell us about yourself and shed some light on your professional tenure in the niche.

Ibrahim completed the Marmara University Faculty of Law in three years. During his studies, he specialized in corporate and maritime law. He upgraded his investing and purchasing operations after successfully managing 14 firms’ compliance, legal risk, and ethics processes.

With his success, persistence, and entrepreneurship, Ibrahim Can Narin has become an indispensable part of the legal sector. In addition to these responsibilities, he handles more than 100 local and international enterprises’ compliance processes under the Personal Data Protection Act. Ibrahim Can Narin has received “Most Valuable Personal Data Protection Attorney” by Leaders In Law and numerous awards in the legal sector. He is still working as a partner at KN & Partners and as a mentor at Marmara University.

What inspired you to venture into this niche?

The fundamental reason I decided to focus my career path on insurance, corporate, personal data, and maritime law is to establish a connection between people and law in the fields specified when we take the fields of international law as a basis. As a result, I have become a quality service provider in the field of law by finding solutions to insurmountable problems related to the subjects I specialized in the field of law, together with the approach provided by the training I received.

Tell us about your company’s services and solutions to its clients.

With its dynamic, expert, and experienced team, Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners serves local and international clients and has earned professional recognition for its legal work. The success of our law firm has been proven by the many authorities that have rated the law firms. We protect our clients’ rights best by preserving the confidentiality of their personal data, especially in the fields of insurance law, enforcement law, and commercial law. We provide the most effective solutions to our clients regarding the solution of their problems, and we adopt the problems of our clients as if they were our problems. We ensure a safe environment for our clients so their concerns will be resolved because they chose us.

What initial challenges did your company have to overcome, and what are the challenges now?

Quality must always be at the forefront wherever you are and whatever job you do. The difference our clients have seen with us so far is the quality of our service. Everyone learns from their difficulties and mistakes. This has a significant role in making our office what it is today. As the legal community knows, there is no room for errors. At the slightest mistake, you can harm your client. Everyone can make mistakes, but our job is to predict and minimize the result of the mistake. Stress is an indispensable element in the legal sector. Even on very stressful, sleepless, and sick days, you should continue to help your clients. Therefore, this is the biggest challenge our company has overcome so far. In any case, communication is our job, and experiencing communicative problems is the problem of our age. I believe that we will overcome this problem with the dedication of our team.

Under your staunch leadership, what is the vision and mission of your company in the ever-evolving modern industry?

Our deep-rooted, dynamic and innovative team continues its success with its current system.

Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners has established based on the motto “Altogether, to the farthest,” and continues its research and studies regarding its innovative ideas and passion, which has adorned with productivity and established its service understanding on these basic principles.

Please share your valuable opinions on how advanced automated technology is reshaping the modern industry and how your organization is leveraging these emerging technologies to enhance its services and operations.

The junction point of technology and law is communication. For this reason, we benefit from technological solutions within the team and our working system with our clients. Our office layout and working environment are improving as technology develops. Since we have a large team, we use different software systems to ensure that the legal systems used in our country are accessible to each team member. In addition, we have other software systems for meetings, etc., in order to provide ease of access to our clients.

What would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to venture into the niche you are catering to?

I recommend they try to adapt to the modern world’s conditions. They should be bold in making revisions and taking proactive steps, especially regarding mission and vision, when necessary in the ever-renewing and changing sector conditions. They should adopt a solution-oriented way of thinking and develop themselves in the field they have determined instead of turning to the areas where everyone is in demand, trying to create issues that still need to be discovered with the development of technology.

How do you envision your organization eventually, and how do you plan to enhance its operations and services concerning its future goals?

Our deep-rooted, dynamic and innovative team continues its success with its current system. Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners has established based on the motto ”All together, to the farthest” and continues its research and studies regarding its Innovative ideas and passion, which has adorned with productivity and established its service understanding on these basic principles.

Considering that the approach we have adopted so far has not misled us, we will exhibit the same approach more successfully from now on. Thus, since our successes have increased visibly up to this point, we continue to work to be more successful and serve our clients better from this day forth.

Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight your organization’s position as a prominent company in the sector.

We provide legal consultancy services to the leading big founding companies of Turkey. We represent Turkey’s leading insurance company, Turkiye Sigorta A.Ş, the Magdeburger Sigorta A.Ş, and the Güvence Hesabı under state protection by proxy. Petrol Ofisi, Albayraklar Holding, and many leading fleet companies are among our important clients.

In 2018, Küçükislamoğlu | Narin & Partners was deemed worthy of the “Most Innovative and Global Law Firm Award” by Global Legal Matters. The Founder and Global Managing Partner Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu were nominated from Turkey to be on the list of Who’s Who Legal (WWL). In 2019, he was awarded the “Most Valuable Contracts Law Attorney” by Leaders In Law. The other partner of KN & Partners, Ibrahim Can Narin, has received “Most Valuable Personal Data Protection Attorney” from Leaders In Law.