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Government plans 2 IAF planes in Jeddah, Navy ship in Sudan preparing to rescue Indians

Describing the current and evolving security situation in Sudan. The government said on Sunday that it is looking into a variety of options for the 3,000 Indian citizens who are stuck in the conflict-ravaged nation.

India has put two IAFC-1303 on standby in Jeddah, according to a statement from the Ministry of external affairs, and the Indian naval ship “Sumedha” has reached Port Sudan, according to the statement.

India helping its neighbouring countries

Following the high-level meeting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired on Friday, in which he asked officials to prepare plans for an emergency evacuation, India decided to deploy the Super Hercules military transport aircraft. India had utilized the C-130J prior additionally for Afghanistan’s departure.

“The Indian government is doing everything in its power to ensure the safety and security of Indians who are stranded in Sudan. The foreign ministry added, “We are also coordinating closely with various partners for the safe movement of those Indians who are stranded in Sudan and would like to be evacuated.” In addition to Sudanese authorities, India is in contact with the United Nations, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the United States, among other organizations. Saudi Arabia evacuated three Indians on Saturday.

The Sudanese armed force, one of the gatherings engaged with the viciousness that has seen in excess of 400 dead, was cited as saying that they would work with the clearing of ambassadors and far-off nationals by military airplane.

The Indian embassy communicates with the stranded Indians on a regular basis, informing them of the possibility of safe movement and the need to steer clear of unnecessary danger. It is likewise organizing all conceivable help, including conceivable exit from Khartoum city as and when the security circumstance licenses safe development,” said the public authority.

On Sunday, the US military was able to fly close to 100 embassy workers out of Khartoum. It appears that the Sudan army and its rival paramilitary force agreed not to prevent the airlift. According to reports from the region by agencies, the conflicting factions had agreed to let foreign nationals leave with the help of the UN.