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Google to Open Cafe, Store, and Event Space Near HQ

Google is opening part of its main campus to the public, launching its “Visitor Experience” center in Mountain View, California. While visitors can’t access Google’s actual office space, the new center features meeting and event spaces available for community groups or nonprofits to reserve. It also includes a cafe and retail store, offering a selection of dishes from local eateries.

This marks Google’s first public cafe, and the retail store is a follow-up to its first public Google store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The visitor center includes an outdoor plaza for events, a small craft space, and a local shop showcasing a rotation of local retailers. Google’s executives, including President and Chief Investment Officer Ruth Porat, attended the opening ceremony, emphasizing the center’s intentional design for the general public.

The move comes as tech companies, including Facebook (Meta), depart from traditional closed-off campus designs, focusing on more community-oriented spaces. The trend responds to the need for greater interaction in a post-pandemic world and the desire to include the local community. Google’s move aligns with broader changes in Silicon Valley, where companies aim to balance attracting top talent and engaging with the broader community.

Facebook, for instance, redesigned its Menlo Park campus to include amenities like affordable housing, a full-service grocery, and a pharmacy. Additionally, Google received approval for plans for an 80-acre mixed-use campus in downtown San Jose, emphasizing its commitment to long-term projects in the area.

The “Visitor Experience” center reflects a shift in the tech industry towards greater openness, inviting the public into spaces traditionally reserved for employees. This trend is driven by a recognition of the importance of community involvement and collaboration in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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