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Gentari Collaborates with Solarvest for 300 PETRONAS Stations

As a notable step towards sustainability, Solarvest Energy Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the prominent clean energy expert Solarvest Holdings Berhad, has been selected by Gentari Renewables Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Gentari Sdn Bhd (Gentari), to install solar power systems across over 300 PETRONAS stations across Malaysia.

This contract awarded to Solarvest represents a significant milestone in Malaysia’s quest for cleaner energy, reinforcing the country’s dedication to environmental objectives. It highlights an increasing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within the oil and gas industry, while also affirming Solarvest’s crucial role in Malaysia’s energy transition. Set to commence in April 2024, the project will involve the installation of over 5.4 MWp of solar capacity across the designated PETRONAS stations. These solar systems are expected to be fully operational by 2027, with projections indicating a reduction of approximately 5,035 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Mr. Davis Chong Chun Shiong (张俊雄), Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of Solarvest, expressed his pride in collaborating with Gentari on this noteworthy initiative. He underscored the potential of solar energy to decarbonize retail fuel operations, highlighting that oil and gas activities currently account for approximately 15% of global energy-related emissions, equivalent to 5.1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

He additionally observed the increasing interest in renewable energy solutions among businesses in Southeast Asia as they adapt to the energy transition. Through the adoption of solar PV systems, businesses are actively promoting sustainability and minimizing their environmental impact. Davis emphasized Solarvest’s dedication to leading this transition, not only in Malaysia but also in neighboring countries, leveraging Gentari’s extensive global network. In summary, Solarvest is well-positioned to lead the clean energy transition, and the installation of solar power systems at PETRONAS stations signifies a significant stride towards a greener future in Malaysia and beyond.

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