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Following a remarkable 27% surge in price, Nvidia board members Capitalizing on their stock in the $2 trillion AI company

Board members at Nvidia, a company leading the charge in the AI sector, are profiting from a surge in the company’s stock price. Shares of Nvidia traded at $887 today, marking a 26.5% increase this month alone.

According to SEC filings, four insiders have sold their holdings through multiple transactions in the past four weeks, adding to the list of executives who have recently sold billions in company stock. Among them are JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who sold $150 million worth of stock, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who sold $8.5 billion in Amazon stock, Meta Platforms founder Mark Zuckerberg, who sold $1.2 billion, and private equity founder Leon Black, who made his first-ever sale totaling $172.8 million.

One of the Nvidia board members, Tench Coxe, a former managing director at venture capital investment firm Sutter Hill Ventures, sold $170 million in company stock in three transactions yesterday. Coxe, who has been on the board since 1993, receives restricted stock valued at $255,000 annually and $85,000 in cash as a director.

Similarly, another board member, Mark Stevens, managing partner at private family office investment firm S-Cubed Capital and former partner at VC investment company Sequoia Capital, offloaded 12,000 shares of stock worth $10.2 million this week. Stevens, who rejoined the board in 2008 after serving from 1993 to 2006, previously sold 36,000 shares in January for about $19.7 million when the stock was priced around $546.

Mark Perry, a board member at Nvidia, sold 15,000 shares for approximately $11.9 million on Feb. 23, just two days after the company reported earnings on Feb. 21. Perry, who has been a director for nearly a decade, is a consultant for nonprofits and former CEO at biopharmaceutical company Aerovance.

Harvey Jones, another longtime director who joined the board in 2003, sold a portion of his stake in the company for about $53 million. Jones, managing partner of Square Wave Ventures, made the sale despite his continued involvement on the board.

Despite these sales, Tench Coxe, Harvey Jones, Mark Stevens, and Mark Perry still retain significant stakes in Nvidia. Coxe holds approximately 4.1 million shares, Jones holds nearly a million shares, Perry holds 152,000 shares, and Stevens holds 4.4 million shares. CEO Jensen Huang holds about 86 million shares in the company, representing a 3.5% stake.

In contrast, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy sold 50,000 shares in Amazon this week for about $9 million. This sale was part of a prearranged trading plan.

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