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Fahad Almesfir

Fahad Almesfir:  Architecting Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Landscape

Pioneering Modern Engineering for Progress, Development, and Sustainable Futures!

Gone are the days when engineering was confined to the mere construction of physical structures. In the 21st century, the blueprint of progress extends beyond bricks and mortar. Today’s engineers are crafting solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. From smart cities to sustainable energy systems, the visionaries in modern engineering are architects of change, laying the foundation for a more resilient and interconnected world.

Fahad is at the helm of a contracting powerhouse specializing in modern engineering for infrastructure projects. As the CEO of the Saudi Real Estate Infrastructure Company, BINYAH. His passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in contemporary engineering is evident in the company’s core focus—delivering cutting-edge infrastructure projects that catalyze progress and development.

Fahad’s fascination with the potential of infrastructure to shape communities, drive economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for citizens has been a lifelong motivation. At BINYAH, he sees the opportunity to play a pivotal role in designing, constructing, and executing projects that leave a lasting impact on Saudi Arabia’s evolving landscape.

Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, Fahad and the BINYAH team are dedicated to contributing to the nation’s economic diversification, infrastructure enhancement, and sustainable development. By leveraging modern engineering expertise and innovative construction methodologies, BINYAH is actively playing a role in realizing the goals set forth by Vision 2030.

BINYAH’s specialization in modern engineering enables the company to embrace the latest technologies, materials, and techniques in its projects. Fahad’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and pushing the boundaries of infrastructure development reflects his belief that innovation and sustainability are key to meeting the needs of today and anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Fahad Almesfir draws inspiration from the transformative power of infrastructure. His dedication to leading BINYAH in delivering exceptional projects stems from a desire to positively impact communities, foster economic growth, and contribute to shaping a better future for Saudi Arabia.

Let us delve into his journey:


In discussing BINYAH, Fahad highlighted that the Saudi company, established in early 2017, is headquartered in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This joint venture is a collaboration between two prominent entities: the Saudi Real Estate Company and the Mohammed Al-Ali Al-Swailem Company for Trading and Construction (MASCO).

The Saudi Real Estate Company, a key player listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange and primarily owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), holds a 60% share in BINYAH. This significant stake brings considerable expertise in development and real estate investment to the partnership.

Conversely, MASCO, a renowned construction company specializing in infrastructure projects, possesses a 40% share of BINYAH. Drawing on its extensive experience in constructing robust infrastructure, MASCO contributes valuable knowledge and capabilities to the joint venture.

The collaboration between these influential entities signifies a strategic alliance aimed at leveraging their respective strengths and resources. BINYAH’s establishment underscores a commitment to advancing Saudi Arabia’s real estate and infrastructure sectors.

Since its inception, BINYAH has been dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in real estate infrastructure. The company aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia’s built environment through transformative and sustainable projects.

By combining the expertise of the Saudi Real Estate Company and MASCO, BINYAH is well-positioned to deliver high-quality infrastructure developments meeting the evolving needs of the Kingdom. Through a collaborative approach, cutting-edge technologies, and a focus on sustainability, BINYAH strives to contribute to the growth and development of Saudi Arabia’s real estate and infrastructure sectors.

The establishment of BINYAH represents a significant milestone in the Saudi Arabian business landscape, bringing together two leading companies with a shared vision of advancing the nation’s infrastructure and real estate development. With its strong foundation and commitment to excellence, BINYAH is poised to make a lasting impact on the Kingdom’s built environment, contributing to its overall economic growth and prosperity.

Guiding Principles

Fahad articulates the organization’s commitment to delivering world-class infrastructure projects through innovation and cost-effective, high-quality services. The core mission is aligned with stakeholders’ vision to establish BINYAH as a top contractor’s brand and contribute to the country’s Vision 2030.

Under his leadership, the company adheres to core values:

  • Commitment: BINYAH is dedicated to achieving excellence in all endeavors, surpassing stakeholder expectations through exceptional solutions and services.
  • Quality: A strong emphasis on quality permeates all operations, ensuring infrastructure projects meet or exceed industry best practices.
  • Health & Safety: Prioritizing the well-being of employees, partners, and communities, BINYAH implements robust safety measures and fosters a culture of safety
  • Sustainability: Acknowledging the importance of sustainable development, BINYAH integrates eco-friendly practices into projects to minimize the ecological footprint and contribute to community well-being.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to success, fostering a culture of open communication, mutual respect, and cooperation to leverage diverse skills and expertise.

These core values guide Fahad’s leadership in shaping strategic decisions, influencing actions, and ensuring alignment with the mission and vision. He strives to lead by example, promoting a culture of integrity, continuous improvement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Impactful Leadership

In detailing his involvement in transformative projects, Fahad underscores the pivotal role BINYAH plays in shaping Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure. Positioned at the forefront of the industry, BINYAH stands as a driving force behind the realization of Vision 2030, actively contributing to the nation’s evolution into a dynamic and diversified economic powerhouse.

First and foremost, BINYAH’s mission harmonizes seamlessly with Vision 2030, emphasizing the delivery of world-class infrastructure through innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality services. The company’s deployment of cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies underscores its commitment to crafting infrastructure that not only meets but exceeds the demands of a modern and burgeoning economy.

Moreover, BINYAH’s unrelenting dedication to quality is a game-changer. By adhering to the highest standards, the company not only elevates the quality of life for Saudi citizens but also attracts substantial domestic and international investments. This, in turn, acts as a catalyst for economic growth, enhancing the nation’s competitive edge on the global stage.

The third pillar of BINYAH’s impact lies in its prioritization of health and safety. Through stringent safety measures and a culture embedded in well-being, BINYAH sets an exemplary standard for the industry, contributing significantly to the enhancement of safety protocols in the infrastructure development sector.

Furthermore, BINYAH’s forward-looking emphasis on sustainability aligns seamlessly with the prevailing global trend towards environmentally conscious and socially responsible infrastructure development. By seamlessly integrating sustainable practices into its projects, BINYAH not only champions environmental preservation but also minimizes resource consumption, fostering long-term sustainability.

Lastly, BINYAH’s collaborative approach to teamwork serves as a linchpin, fostering synergies among various stakeholders, including government bodies, private sector partners, and local communities. This concerted effort allows BINYAH to harness the collective expertise and resources of diverse stakeholders, ensuring the delivery of infrastructure projects that cater comprehensively to the evolving needs of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning population and economy.

Leadership in Iconic Construction Projects

Under his leadership, the company has successfully executed several iconic and sophisticated projects, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation. Notable examples include:

Diriyah Gate Company Limited (DGCL):

  • Wadi Safar Golf Course Early Works
  • Wadi Hanifah Spine Infrastructure Works
  • Northern Cultural District Underground Smart Parking
  • Diriyah Gate (DGII) Enabling Works
  • Wadi Hanifah Sports Boulevard South and P2 Section Works

Misk City Company:

  • Vehicle Access Tunnel, Bridge, Associated Utilities, and Earthworks
  • Phase 1 Site-Wide Infrastructure
  • Boulevard Road Works
  • Early Works of Wadi C, Studio, Gallery, Forum Offices, Al Mishrak, Arts Institute, Mobility

Red Sea Global:

  • R12 Coastal and Inland Roads with Wadi Protection
  • Amaala Triple Bay Early Works
  • Regional Infrastructure Triple Bay North Interchange Highways and Civil Package

Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC):

  • Resort Core Bulk Utilities Pkg 4
  • Resort Core District Primary and Secondary Roads, Bridges, and Utilities Networks Package 03 and Package 07

New Murabaa Development Company (NMDC):

  • Hoarding and fencing work
  • Branded Hoarding
  • Design and Construction of Sitewide Offices

In addition to this, BINYAH is dedicated and committed to building stronger relationships with its clients and actively and continuously participating in bidding for new projects and opportunities. It strives to foster long-term partnerships based on trust, professionalism, and the successful delivery of projects.

Furthermore, BINYAH has worked with other notable clients and successfully delivered projects for them. These clients include:

  • Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN): BINYAH has collaborated with SEVEN on various projects, contributing to the development of entertainment and leisure destinations in Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Widyan Real Estate Company: BINYAH has worked closely with Al Widyan Real Estate Company, delivering projects that contribute to the development of the Al Widyan community.

Lastly, BINYAH is actively pursuing new relationships with clients whose projects align with the mission of Vision 2030. They seek opportunities to contribute to the transformation and diversification of the Saudi Arabian economy, supporting the goals and aspirations outlined in Vision 2030.

Through its commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering strong client relationships, BINYAH remains at the forefront of the construction industry, delivering iconic and sophisticated projects that shape the future of Saudi Arabia.

Client-Centric Strategies in Construction and Infrastructure

In discussing the company’s approach, Fahad highlights how BINYAH employs a range of strategies to tailor deliverables to the individualized needs of clients in the construction and infrastructure works sectors. The strategies encompass a focus on understanding client requirements, effective communication, customization, and continuous feedback loops. The key strategies include:

  • Needs Assessment: BINYAH conducts a thorough needs assessment by engaging with clients to comprehend their specific requirements, goals, and expectations for construction and infrastructure projects. This involves meetings, interviews, site visits, and analyzing existing project documentation. This deep understanding allows BINYAH to develop tailored solutions aligned with each client’s project objectives.
  • Effective Communication: BINYAH emphasizes clear and open communication with clients throughout the project lifecycle. This involves actively listening to client concerns, clarifying expectations, and providing regular updates on project progress. Effective communication ensures alignment with client needs, enabling BINYAH to make necessary adjustments or provide timely updates.
  • Customization: Recognizing the unique requirements and constraints of each project, BINYAH employs a customization approach to develop deliverables that address specific client needs. This may involve modifying designs, materials, construction techniques, or project schedules to accommodate preferences, budgets, timelines, or local regulations.
  • Agile Methodology: BINYAH utilizes agile project management methodologies to provide flexibility and responsiveness to client needs. Breaking down projects into smaller phases or milestones allows BINYAH to gather feedback from clients at regular intervals, ensuring that the final deliverables meet evolving client needs and allowing for course corrections during project execution.
  • Continuous Feedback Loops: BINYAH actively seeks client feedback throughout the project lifecycle. This feedback helps identify areas for improvement, validate project progress, and ensure client satisfaction. Regular progress meetings, site inspections, or digital collaboration tools are employed to gather input, ensuring that the outcome exceeds client expectations.
  • Post-Delivery Support: Recognizing that client needs may extend beyond project completion, BINYAH provides post-delivery support and maintenance services to address additional requirements, resolve issues, or accommodate changes. This ongoing support contributes to maintaining client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

By implementing these strategies, BINYAH aims to deliver customized construction and infrastructure solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Prioritizing effective communication, collaboration, and a client-centric approach ensures successful outcomes and client satisfaction in construction and infrastructure work. BINYAH understands the importance of tailoring deliverables to meet the specific requirements and objectives of each client, striving to build strong partnerships, foster trust, and deliver projects that exceed client expectations.

Multi-faceted Contributions to Saudi Arabia’s Economic Advancement

Fahad illustrates BINYAH’s diverse contributions to the advancement of the Saudi economy through several key channels:

  • Job Creation: Through the execution of expansive infrastructure projects, BINYAH generates employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. This not only addresses unemployment concerns but also positively impacts the socio-economic well-being of the Saudi population.
  • Economic Growth: BINYAH’s infrastructure initiatives act as catalysts for economic growth by attracting both domestic and foreign investments. The development of modern infrastructure creates a conducive environment for businesses to flourish, resulting in heightened productivity, increased trade, and expanded investment prospects.
  • Diversification: BINYAH’s commitment to delivering top-tier infrastructure aligns with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on diversifying the economy beyond oil. Investments in critical sectors such as transportation, energy, and urban development aid in reducing dependence on oil revenues.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness: The high-quality infrastructure developed by BINYAH enhances Saudi Arabia’s global competitiveness. Well-designed transportation networks, modern airports, advanced utilities, and sustainable cities attract businesses and multinational corporations, making the country more appealing for investment and trade.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Technology Adoption: BINYAH’s emphasis on innovation and technology promotes the adoption of advanced construction methods in Saudi Arabia. Through leveraging cutting-edge technologies, BINYAH facilitates knowledge transfer, strengthens local capabilities, and contributes to the development of a skilled workforce in the construction and infrastructure sectors.
  • Social Development: BINYAH’s infrastructure projects positively impact society by enhancing the quality of life for Saudi citizens. Developments in public transportation systems and urban infrastructure improve mobility, reduce congestion, and enhance access to essential services. BINYAH’s commitment to health and safety further contributes to the overall social development of the country.
  • Sustainable Development: BINYAH’s focus on sustainability encourages environmentally friendly practices in infrastructure development. Integration of sustainable solutions, such as renewable energy sources, energy efficiency measures, and sustainable design principles, supports Saudi Arabia’s sustainable development goals and mitigates the environmental impact of infrastructure projects.

BINYAH’s contributions to the advancement of the Saudi Arabian economy encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from job creation and economic growth to diversification, enhanced competitiveness, knowledge transfer, social development, and sustainable practices.

Vision for Growth and Innovation

Fahad expressed the company’s ambitious vision to elevate BINYAH to new heights, aspiring to secure a prominent position among the top three construction firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While maintaining a current focus on contributing to the development goals of Vision 2030, the company acknowledges the potential for future regional and international expansion. However, BINYAH remains steadfast in continually assessing opportunities for service extension within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to a commitment to core expertise in infrastructure work, BINYAH recognizes the significance of innovation and adaptation. The company pledges to actively explore new concepts, business models, and products to enhance project delivery and maintain a leading position in the industry.

Understanding the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends, BINYAH plans to make significant investments in research and development. This strategic initiative aims to enhance capabilities and provide cutting-edge solutions to clients, with a focus on embracing digitalization, automation, and sustainability practices as key priorities in evolving operations and project delivery methods.

Furthermore, BINYAH is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization. The company plans to invest in training and upskilling its workforce, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to tackle complex projects and deliver superior outcomes. By nurturing talent and empowering employees, BINYAH aims to build a strong and dynamic team that actively contributes to the company’s growth and success.

Acclaimed Excellence

Fahad proudly displays BINYAH’s extensive collection of awards and testimonials, which demonstrate the company’s unrelenting commitment to excellence. The numerous accolades received from clients and external awarding bodies demonstrate BINYAH’s dedication to delivering exceptional results. The following noteworthy awards attest to the company’s accomplishments:

  • Health and Safety Excellence: BINYAH has completed millions of safe man-hours during construction, prioritizing workforce well-being and ensuring a secure environment.
  • Completion Certificate: Recognition of project completion underscores BINYAH’s dedication to delivering quality outcomes within specified timelines.
  • Certificate of Appreciation: BINYAH has received certificates of appreciation from clients, acknowledging exceptional performance, professionalism, and significant contributions to their projects.
  • Client Satisfaction Rating and KPI: Outstanding ratings and key performance indicators reflect BINYAH’s commitment to exceeding client expectations and ensuring satisfaction.
  • Great Place to Work: BINYAH is recognized as a great place to work, showcasing the company’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture that values employee well-being and professional development.
  • Classification Certificate from MOMRA: BINYAH has obtained a classification certificate from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), affirming compliance with regulatory standards and the capability to execute projects effectively and responsibly.

These awards and testimonials collectively affirm BINYAH’s unrelenting commitment to excellence, safety, client satisfaction, and the creation of a positive work environment. The company takes pride in these recognitions and remains dedicated to delivering exceptional results in all endeavors.

In His Own Words

As the CEO of Saudi Real Estate Infrastructure Company, I am honored to lead a contracting company that specializes in the modern engineering of infrastructure works. Our advantage lies in our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices.

We embrace the latest technologies, materials, and construction methodologies to deliver cutting-edge infrastructure projects that drive progress and development. Our focus on modern engineering allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that our projects not only meet the highest quality standards but also anticipate the ever-evolving needs of the Kingdom.

We are deeply aligned with the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to supporting this transformative roadmap is unwavering. By delivering exceptional infrastructure projects, we actively contribute to the diversification of the economy, the enhancement of infrastructure quality, and the promotion of sustainable development.

Through our work, we support the Kingdom’s objectives of attracting investments, fostering economic growth, creating job opportunities, and improving the quality of life for its citizens. We understand the importance of infrastructure as the backbone of a thriving economy, and we are dedicated to playing a vital role in building the foundation for a prosperous future.

Moreover, we recognize the significance of sustainable practices in building a greener and more resilient nation. We integrate innovative solutions and environmentally friendly approaches into our projects, ensuring that we contribute to the Kingdom’s sustainability goals while providing long-term benefits to current and future generations.

I am driven by the transformative power of infrastructure and the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our advantage lies in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices. We are resolute in our dedication to supporting Vision 2030 and its objectives, and we look forward to continuing our journey of delivering exceptional infrastructure works that shape a brighter future for the Kingdom.

Thank you!