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Event Footprints Increases Capability

Melanie Burns has been appointed as a sales and marketing consultant, while George Raymond has been appointed as an event technology specialist by Event Footprints, a company that specializes in event and marketing technology.
In 2018, Raymond received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media Production from Bournemouth University. Raymond held positions as a graphic designer at UPL Vision, a marketing agency, and as a digital administrator for online store prior to joining Event Footprints. In addition, Raymond co-founded Cubed, the online convention for Minecraft.

Burns began her career in the events sector, primarily assisting go-to-market strategies of event technology businesses. Since 1998, she has assisted organizations in the US, Australia, and the UK with the delivery of live and virtual events. In order to facilitate audience involvement and data collection, Burns has vast expertise implementing a variety of interactive event technologies, such as voting keypads, event tracking, Klik smart badges and wearables, and delegate registration.

“As the business grows and we work across an increasing number of meetings, conferences, and events, we are looking to engage experience and talent to foster growth in our capability,” stated Rob Curtis, managing director of Event Footprints. With their demonstrated experience and knowledge, George and Melanie are excellent additions to the team. Melanie has extensive and in-depth knowledge of event technology, and even before the epidemic sent us all virtual, George showed the vision to establish and run a very successful virtual convention. Melanie and George both exemplify the creative thinking that Event Footprints is eager to adopt.

“Event Footprints is working with conference and meeting agencies in the UK and abroad, as well as in-house event organizers, to gradually grow its clientele. We are going through an exciting time of focused growth; we have gone a long way in a short amount of time. However, we still have reasonable goals, and our first priority will always be serving our clients,” Curtis said.

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