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Elon Musk Loses Significant Legal Case to Drummer Richard Tornetta

Elon Musk faced a significant legal setback this week as a former heavy metal drummer, Richard Tornetta, successfully sued him, resulting in the nullification of Musk’s $56 billion pay package—the one of the largest legal losses in U.S. history. Tornetta, who held just nine shares of Tesla when he filed the lawsuit in 2018, ultimately prevailed in court in late 2022. On Tuesday, a judge ruled in favor of Tornetta, deeming the massive pay agreement unjust for him and all other Tesla shareholders.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Tornetta were unsuccessful, and his attorney chose not to provide a statement.

Before Tornetta’s case, Elon Musk had successfully navigated several trials related to accusations of defamation, breaching shareholder duties, and violating securities laws.

Interestingly, judging from his online activities, Tornetta appears to be more focused on developing audio equipment for enthusiasts customizing cars than actively pursuing cases related to corporate excess and wrongdoing.

He has shared humorous videos showcasing gadgets he designed or detailing mishaps, including an incident where he accidentally singed his eyebrows.

Tornetta has also appeared in videos featuring him playing the drums at the iconic former New York club CBGB with his now-disbanded metal band, “Dawn of Correction,” known for its description of its sound as “a swift kick to the face with a steel-toed work boot.”

On social media, supporters of Tesla and Musk expressed their dismay at the case, viewing it as an injustice. Some speculated about Tornetta’s motives and political affiliations, questioning how an investor with such minimal holdings could exert significant influence.

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