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Drone attack in Syria kills US contractor; US goes on the offensive

An Iranian drone struck a facility on a coalition base in northeast Syria on Thursday, killing a U.S. contractor, and injuring five U.S. service members and one U.S. contractor.

U.S. Central Command forces, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement late Thursday responded with “precision airstrikes” against facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard groups.

The Safeguard Division said the insight local area had decided the automated elevated vehicle was of Iranian beginning.


The region is ruled by Syrian forces and Iran-backed militias. Israel has also allegedly carried out airstrikes in recent months that are believed to have targeted Iranian supply routes.

The kingdom also acknowledged efforts to reopen its embassy in Syria, where Iran has supported beleaguered President Bashar Assad throughout the country’s prolonged war.

The state-run SANA news agency in Syria didn’t immediately report any strikes. A request for clarification was not immediately met by a response from the Syrian mission to the United Nations.

End Note

Iran did not immediately respond to the strikes, which occurred during Ramadan, the holy Muslim fasting month. A request for clarification was made, but the Iranian mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond.

Austin claimed that he authorized the strikes in response to President Joe Biden’s orders. According to the Pentagon, two of the wounded service members received treatment on the spot, while the injured contractor and three others were transported to Iraqi hospitals.