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Dina Abdul Majeed

Dina Abdul Majeed: The Unexpected Path to Entrepreneurship

Discovering How Motherhood Ignited a Passion for Helping Others!

For women, the concept of “having it all” has long been a prolonged goal. Many have been motivated by the desire to achieve a harmonious balance between work and life, whether it is by pursuing great careers or raising happy personal lives. However, the question remains: Can women truly have it all?

Yes, says Dina Abdul Majeed proving it’s possible!

With over 20 years of knowledge in graphic design, she has worked for renowned international firms in the Middle East and Africa, as well as a variety of media and advertising organizations. Along the way, she took on leadership positions, perfecting her abilities and developing her ideas.

But what really fueled her purpose was the intersection of her career and personal passions. Having raised 2 boys, she was aware of the underlying obstacles and rewards of being a mother. Inspired by her own experiences, she founded 360Moms, a digital platform dedicated to supporting mothers in directing their children’s health and well-being.

Through 360Moms, Dina aims to help mothers via digital means, providing them with the needed resources and support to excel in their motherhood journey. Her passion for this cause has been widely recognized, with 360Moms receiving a multitude of prestigious global, regional, and local awards, underscoring its significant influence and importance in the modern digital sphere.

As a CEO, she shows what a great leader today looks like: caring, driven, and deeply connected to her community. Her story proves the possibility of being a mom, running a business, and helping society, inspiring women everywhere to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.

Let us explore the challenges she’s overcome, the successes she’s achieved, and the lessons she’s learned along the way!

Can you please brief us about your company and its inception story?

360Moms launched in 2016; its mission is to change the way mothers are supported digitally on a global level! In 2021, we pivoted from a content-based platform to a tool-based app (keeping the same vision) so we can create a real impact on mothers, connecting mothers around the world with certified experts and getting their questions answered on health challenges and child behavioral issues. We have over 15,000+ paid subscribers and have organized over 100 workshops and online webinars supporting families.

We are now building the first Arabic chatbot to support mothers and give them instant answers to the most urgent health and parenting challenges.

Can you share a defining moment or experience that shaped your leadership philosophy?

For me, there wasn’t one defining moment; I think my leadership style evolved through the years. I realized that a successful leader is one who brings out the best in everyone and creates synergy between team members, making them feel appreciated and continually developing. And I also think that a true leader builds successful leaders by being an inspirational role model, especially during difficult and challenging times.

How do you prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance in your demanding role as a CEO?

Rule number one in being a happy and balanced working mother: “I need to take care of myself, to take care of others.” I try to split (and also merge) my time every day with my kids, my husband, my work, and myself. I wake up early to exercise 3–5 times a week; I make sure I eat healthy; and sometimes I give myself some time to read a good book or watch a good movie. I can’t always balance equally; sometimes it’s more work during my day, and sometimes it’s more kids.

Rule number two: I always write goals and prioritize them so I can be as efficient as possible. I write yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals! I write both business and personal goals; it helps me be focused and achieve more.

What key values do you believe contribute most to a positive and productive organizational culture?

Each employee needs to feel “Respected, recognized, and connected.” In my opinion, those three values create happy employees. A good attitude is a must in our team, it’s more important than skills. The FUN aspect is important too! For example; every once in a while, we have breakfast together, go out, or work at a new café. In addition, there’s the usual team meeting where we all discuss everything happening with the company.

As a CEO, how do you foster innovation within your company and encourage employees to contribute their creative ideas?

Yes, for sure! We usually involve most team members when thinking of new ideas and innovative ways for the company to grow and expand.

What leadership qualities do you consider most crucial for navigating challenges and uncertainties in today’s business landscape?

It’s inevitable for businesses to go through hard roads and challenges, it’s important for the leader to be positive and think of his business as a “Lean business.” The leader needs to think of different ways to improve the process to get on the right path; he can’t get attached to one solution. Life changes and nothing stays the same, and this applies to businesses.

In your opinion, how has the role of CEOs evolved in the face of technological advancements and a rapidly changing global economy?

Previously, the CEO’s job was to make sure the business was working effectively. Advanced technology changed that; he or she has to be a visionary that incorporates technology, making the company unique in its offering. They also need to be progressive and always listen to their audience and the shift in thinking.

Can you share a memorable success story or achievement during your tenure as CEO that you are particularly proud of?

Well, there was a time when we went through really hard times. I’m proud that we didn’t give up, and that me and my team were able to think of alternative solutions that helped us get out of those hard times. I’m also proud of the passion of my team, and how hard they worked to overcome the challenges.

How do you approach mentorship and talent development within your organization to ensure a pipeline of effective leaders?

We really care about continued learning, so we make sure everyone is involved in new courses, learning new trends, or attending events/conferences. This expands their knowledge, gives them new perspectives on thinking, and makes them great leaders.

In the fast-paced business world, how do you stay personally motivated and continually push yourself to strive for excellence as a CEO?

I like to read business books, especially about businesses sharing their experiences, which spark a lot of new ideas and give me more insight into lessons learned. I also like to get out of my comfort zone every now and then; it brings out new experiences and new perspectives.

Could you please let us know about any honors or awards you have received thus far in your professional career?

  1. A global award by Vital Voices—We Empower Award in 2022
  2. Won Step Saudi’s Flagship Competition 2020
  3. One of the best 3 Jordanian Startups at the AIM Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019.
  4. Got first place at the Mamlaka TV Reality Business Show (Rooh Riyadieh) in 2018.
  5. Got awarded the Best Social Enterprise in 2017 by Orange.