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At ₹300 cr, Client Associates Records the First Closing of its Debut Fund

The first closing of Client Associates’ first fund, valued at around ₹300 crore, has been announced by the wealth management firm. The fund reported that UHNIs and domestic family offices had expressed interest in and participation in it. The Client Associates Alternate Fund (CAAF), a Category-II AIF registered with SEBI, aims to close the fund by the end of FY25 and exercise ₹200 crore of green shoe options in order to contribute ₹500 crore.

The new fund will concentrate on financial services and consumer and consumer-related firms in the Pre-Series A to Series B growth stages. The fund aims to support 12–15 startups, with each business receiving investments ranging from ₹10 crore to ₹50 crore. According to a statement from the business, CAAF “feels there could be value creation opportunities for its Limited Partners (LPs)” and would therefore carefully consider pre-IPO investments.

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