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Asger Heinricy

Asger Heinricy: Reconceptualizing the Gaming and Software Industry

Revolutionary Innovations and Unprecedented Artistry That Transform the Landscape of Digital Entertainment!

Passion is an intangible thing. It is the fuel that ignites our souls, propelling us toward our dreams and goals. It is the invisible force that drives us to go the extra mile, push beyond our limits, and never settle for average. Whether it’s a burning desire for a creative outlet, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, or a relentless commitment to a cause, passion is what sets us apart and makes life worth living.

Similarly, Asger Heinricy’s journey began with a deep passion for gaming and a relentless drive to create unforgettable experiences. Inspired by his childhood immersed in the gaming world, Asger set out to bring his imaginative visions to life. With a strong understanding of technology and a commitment to excellence, he aimed to redefine what is possible in the gaming and software industry.

As the CEO of Axid Studios, Asger has revolutionized the industry, captivating audiences worldwide with immersive and innovative creations. His team’s collective expertise has led to the development of cutting-edge games and software solutions that captivate and engage users across multiple platforms. Their portfolio showcases a range of interactive experiences that push the boundaries of creativity and technical innovation.

Axid Studios’ success can be attributed to its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to delivering seamless user experiences. Asger knows that the success of any gaming or software product relies on its ability to immerse users in a captivating world. To achieve this, Axid Studios goes beyond expectations, crafting visually stunning graphics, dynamic gameplay mechanics, and captivating narratives that transport players to new realms of imagination.

However, it’s not just about creating captivating experiences. Asger understands the importance of striking a balance between innovation and practicality. Axid Studios excels in developing software solutions that not only push technological boundaries but also cater to client needs. With a commitment to delivering practical and user-friendly software, Asger and his team have received accolades for their ability to translate complex ideas into efficient and intuitive solutions.

The success of Axid Studios can be attributed not only to Asger’s visionary leadership but also to his passion for nurturing a talented team. He fosters a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous growth, empowering his team to explore new horizons and excel in their expertise. This collective spirit of innovation and dedication is evident in every creation that emerges from Axid Studios.

Join us as we delve into the world of Asger Heinricy, exploring his remarkable journey, commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming and software, and the profound impact of his visionary leadership!

Ingenious Inventor

Asger Heinricy, a 16-year-old residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, is currently enrolled in Rysensteen Gymnasium. He is pursuing studies in Social Studies and Mathematics and is entering his second year after the summer break. Asger’s passion for game development began at the age of 9 when his school introduced him to “Scratch,” a game engine for children. Although he did not win the competition for creating the best game, it sparked his interest and became the most captivating class he had ever attended. This experience eventually led Asger to collaborate with his friend Holden Hoover from Canada, where they started creating games together. However, his true passion lies in the idea of establishing his own company and developing something beneficial for the world. The concept of creating a product that people will find useful serves as his constant inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing his dreams.

Remarkable Journey

Axid Studios was initially founded by Asger and Holden, a passionate duo with a shared vision for creating video games. Shortly after its inception, Dante Holt joined as the Head of Visual Arts, marking the company’s first official employee. The formation of Axid Studios took place a year after Asger won a prestigious prize for his debut game at the Microsoft & Coding Pirates Game Jam in 2019, which provided an encouraging boost and garnered recognition from key industry players.

The early success of Axid Studios can be attributed in large part to the support of its first investors, Martin Bengaard and Henrik Hjorth, who reached out in January 2021 with a selfless desire to aid the company’s growth. They not only imparted invaluable knowledge on running a business but also played a pivotal role in the production of Axid Studios’ maiden game. Although they eventually resigned from the company’s board a year later, their contributions enabled Axid Studios to transition from video games to the thriving sector of website and app development.

The next significant turning point for Axid Studios came when NG Investments ApS, an investment group, acquired 49% of the company. This partnership opened doors to new opportunities in website and app development, further shaping the trajectory of Axid Studios. Today, Asger Heinricy, supported by his parents Jacob and Bettina, is the sole owner of Axid Studios I/S, as the company forges ahead with remarkable speed and determination.

Unexpected Path Led to Game Development

As Asger said previously, when he was nine years old, they were introduced to “Scratch” in a class, which they found very exciting. They created their first functional Star Wars game but didn’t pursue game development further at that time, considering their young age. However, in 2019, Asger’s mom booked a ticket for the Microsoft & Coding Pirates Game Jam in Copenhagen.

They had the option to work with Scratch or Unity development, but since they were unfamiliar with Unity, they chose Scratch. Unexpectedly, they were placed on the Unity team instead, which turned out to be a fortunate coincidence for Axid Studios and Asger’s career. Unity serves as the foundation for all game-related assets created by Axid Studios, and Asger is extremely happy with the serendipitous placement on the Unity team.

Power of Communication

Communication is highly prioritized at Axid Studios. It plays a crucial role in improving project development and optimizing cooperation among employees. Additionally, staying in constant touch with the client is essential for keeping them informed about the progress of their project. Since Axid Studios is located in different countries and physical meetings are infrequent, effective communication becomes even more important. It is also crucial in terms of design and programming collaboration, as the Design Department needs to create designs that the Programming Department can effectively implement. To facilitate communication, each employee is assigned a specific person to refer to, and communication takes place through their shared server on Discord.

From Game Creation to Successful Distribution

Axid Studios follows a consistent process when it comes to creating apps or websites. It begins with a potential client reaching out to them, expressing their interest in developing an app or website. Subsequently, meetings are scheduled to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements. Once the project details have been fully comprehended, Axid Studios provides the client with a transparent offer, clearly outlining their pricing. It is worth noting that Axid Studios is known for offering competitive rates, making them one of the most affordable options among established companies.

Upon receiving the offer, the client has the option to accept it or propose any necessary modifications. If the offer is accepted, both parties proceed to sign a contract, ensuring mutual protection. It is important to note that Axid Studios does not require upfront payment from the client before commencing the project.

The Design Team at Axid Studios then begins creating sketches of the project, which are shared with the client for approval before proceeding with further work. This step ensures that the client has an opportunity to provide feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

Following the approval of the sketches, the development phase commences. This is the most time-consuming aspect, and the duration may vary. Throughout this phase, the client can track the progress of their project by accessing a secure client-login feature on Axid Studios website.

Once the development is completed and the client has given their final approval, Axid Studios proceeds to send the client an invoice. Additionally, they maintain open lines of communication to provide ongoing support for the website as needed.

Overcomes Legal Hurdles and Balances School

Being a CEO poses numerous challenges, particularly for Asger, who faces the additional hurdle of being a minor, owning a company, and seeking new clients. Balancing the demands of running a company while being a full-time high school student is no easy feat, with the constant pressure to excel academically, maintain friendships, and participate in social activities. Securing new clients and navigating the complexities of being a minor business owner are two significant obstacles that require careful attention. To address this, Asger has implemented an aggressive email outreach strategy, targeting specific potential clients and maintaining a comprehensive database of prospective leads. Additionally, leveraging existing connections with previous investors, employees, and other professionals within the network has proven invaluable, often resulting in valuable referrals.

However, being a minor business owner presents unique legal challenges. When establishing the company, Asger had to undergo a court hearing at the Agency of Family Law in Denmark to gain acceptance as a business owner. Despite obtaining approval from the Agency, securing support from most business banks remains a challenge. Partner deals may also be elusive, and investors may exhibit hesitancy due to Asger’s age. It is important to acknowledge these obstacles when embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors at a young age.

Nevertheless, these challenges should not deter aspiring young entrepreneurs. Asger believes in challenging the status quo, where young entrepreneurs are not adequately supported but rather hindered. Despite the hurdles, he remains determined to make a mark and prove that age should not limit one’s potential in the business world.

Game That Fell Short

Asger expressed his lack of hesitation in admitting that their experience with Astro was far from satisfactory. The gaming industry proved to be an exceptionally challenging field to compete in, particularly without any initial funding. Their entire effort was focused on a single game, which unfortunately met with resounding failure. Insufficient work structure, an inadequate business plan, and the absence of a storyboard for the game were among the many crucial elements that were lacking. Although the downfall of Astro is disheartening, the acquisition of Axid Studios was ultimately a positive development.

Age Shouldn’t Hinder Investment Success

Securing investors may not prove to be significantly more challenging due to one’s age. Asger initially utilized investment websites to post “Looking for investment” notices, which ultimately led to all of their investors. Once potential investors have reviewed the project plan, negotiations ensue. However, the deal must be approved by the individual’s parents, as their signature is required for all proceedings. It is essential to bear in mind that being young might render one vulnerable, potentially leading others to exploit their age and lack of experience. While underbidding is acceptable if the intention is to seek an investor’s support rather than monetary gain, it is advisable to carefully consider one’s objectives and avoid hastily accepting seemingly favorable deals.

Investors and Mentors

The success of Axid Studios is attributed to its investors and mentors, who play a pivotal role in the company’s achievements. Their extensive business experience, spanning over 30 years, has been invaluable in providing valuable insights. These individuals have not only achieved remarkable results but have also encountered significant setbacks, from which Asger frequently draws lessons. Although Martin and Henrik departed over a year ago, the knowledge they imparted has been diligently retained and applied in the daily operations of the company. During challenging times and amidst mistakes, the investors/mentors offer support and guidance, helping to navigate through difficulties and resolve issues. Martin Bengaard once stated, “I will never get mad at you for making a mistake, no matter how big it is, as long as you learn from the mistake and don’t do it again.

Fueling Innovation and Defying Limits

Axid Studios is an emerging company with ambitious goals. It aspires to become one of Denmark’s leading App & Web Development companies, offering competitive prices. The company envisions significant growth within the next five years. Furthermore, Axid Studios aims to expand its presence globally and compete with established industry giants. Its ultimate vision is to be recognized as the greatest company of all time. This aspiration stems from the belief that greatness can be achieved and the determination to transcend the boundaries of what is considered possible.

Unveils Stunning Therapy App

Axid Studios once had the opportunity to create mockup designs for a Therapy App in direct competition with the popular American “Better Help” App. The team at Axid Studios was extremely pleased with the final design and the app’s functionality, resulting in a successful and seamless project. Both the client and the team at Axid Studios were thrilled with the design and functionality of the app, considering it to be one of their most straightforward yet captivating projects.

The client granted Axid Studios complete creative freedom in designing the app, allowing their Head of Visual Arts, Oliver Murphy, to create a distinctive desert background. This unique feature has become a defining characteristic of Axid Studios and has been utilized in various apps. Additionally, Axid Studios retains ownership of the design, with plans to incorporate it into future app projects.

Power of Youth

Axid Studios is comprised of young individuals who are passionate about technology. Naturally, they have a keen interest in technology and stay updated with the latest news in the field. Being a young company with young employees and clients, they are constantly exposed to social media platforms. They utilize social media to stay informed about industry trends and also connect with their clients. Additionally, they actively monitor their competitors to stay aware of any changes they make. While offering similar services to other companies, this online-based company sets itself apart by not having physical offices and instead employing hundreds of freelancers rather than full-time staff. This approach allows them to keep costs low and provide their clients with competitive prices. By doing so, they can stay current with technology while remaining affordable compared to other companies.

Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success

When starting a company, it is important to establish goals. Every aspiring entrepreneur must consider whether the aim is to generate enough revenue to sustain their salary or to create a large multinational corporation. Identifying competitors and determining what sets the company apart is crucial in developing a unique value proposition. While seeking advice and input from others can provide valuable knowledge and ideas, it is equally important to have self-confidence and trust one’s instincts. Building a successful company does not follow a predetermined blueprint, although there are guidelines that can enhance the chances of success. Ultimately, the entrepreneur must make their own decisions and take ownership of their journey.

Client Testimonials and Prestigious Awards

“I have collaborated with Axid Studios for a year and can highly recommend Axid Studios’ imagination, seriousness, flexibility, and dedication to every single detail of my project. They are young, forward-looking and up-to-date employees at Axid Studios.” – Andrea Alsted.