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Arrest Made Following Big US Intel Leak from Gaming Chatroom

The FBI arrested Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old member of the US national guard, on Thursday for posting highly classified US defense documents online. According to US authorities, sensitive government secrets were leaked in an online gaming chat group, which is the largest intelligence failure since Edward Snowden’s 2013 leak of National Security Agency documents.

Inside and out about US Intel Leak out

Teixeira a representative of the US Flying corps Public Watchman positioned at the Otis Air Public Gatekeeper Base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Additionally, he is a prominent member of the Thug Shaker Central gaming chat group on Discord, a social network. Teixeira was known as “OG” and went by the name “Jack the dripper” in a group that was mostly made up of teenagers. The Washington Post claims that Teixeira frequently used classified information to impress the younger members.

The leaked information appears to be top-secret documents from the US intelligence, some of which are related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. In contrast to late breaks – including the data spilled by Snowden or previous US Armed force informant Chelsea Monitoring – the documents spilled by Teixeira appear to be printed copies of preparation materials. Additionally, information on Israel, South Korea, and Turkey can be found in the leaked files.

Since the break of the archives, the exceptionally arranged data turned up across different virtual entertainment stages including, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. However, Teixeira initially dumped them on Discord within his online gaming group, “Thug Shaker Central.” When the documents appeared on far-right forums like 4Chan and pro-Russian Telegram chat rooms, they gained more traction.