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Anthony Hadeed

Anthony Hadeed: The Purpose Pathfinder

How One Life Coach Discovered His Purpose and Wants to Help You Find Yours!

“My teenage dream was to become a Medical Doctor.” This candid opening line from Anthony Hadeed immediately draws you into the story of his own life’s journey. For the CEO and Founder of YourLifePurpose Limited, that childhood ambition was driven not by external pressures, but by an internal “burning need to help my fellow humans, an inherent trait of altruism, and a strong drive for high achievement.”

Those same forces—the desire to be of service combined with the pursuit of superiority—would ultimately guide Anthony down a very different path. Life’s circumstances and the death of his father when he was just 15 years old did not make it feasible for him to accept his admission to medical school at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. This different path twisted through successful careers in Physics and IT, including 15 years running his own consulting firm in Toronto.

But it was not until he took a Psychometric assessment and then earned his coaching certification from the International Coaching Academy (ICA) that he finally felt he had found his true calling as a leadership, career, and life coach.

In his 2017 book “Dare to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life Purpose,” Anthony chronicles this pivotal transition: “The book tells of my indepth journey of becoming a coach—the career that most satisfies those teenage hopes of helping others—my trait of altruism and urge for high achievement for myself and others.” More than just a personal memoir, the book outlines tangible steps readers can take to discover their sense of purpose and passion.

While the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren focuses mainly on the spiritual dimension of one’s life purpose, Anthony’s 2017 book gives very practical ways to discover your life’s purpose, specifically as it relates to your career choices at any given point in your life. He stresses the use of Psychometric assessments along with coaching, coupled with emotional intelligence and spiritual discernment, as a proven method for discovering your path and purpose here and now.

Anthony’s published books Dare to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life Purpose (2017) and The Key, The Door, and The Garden (2021) are available for readers globally via Amazon.

As Anthony puts it, “If success is obtained through hard work, must we work hard at something that fills our lives with drudgery? Would it not be much more fulfilling to devote that effort to something that meets our values and fills us with joy?”

For him, that sense of joy and fulfillment now comes from supporting others on their journeys of self-discovery. “My success is measured through the success and joy of others,” he says. “I have found my life purpose. My sincere hope is that I can help others find theirs.”

In an age of increasing career turnover and work/life imbalance, Anthony’s powerful story and empowering message are a clarion call to realign with our true selves. It’s a compelling reminder that, with courage and conviction, we all have the ability to transform our destinies.

Let us explore his journey:

A Journey of Self-discovery and Fulfillment

Reminiscing on his teenage aspiration to become a Medical Doctor, he now understands the underlying motivation that led to this ambition. Free from familial expectations or national obligations, Anthony’s passion

stemmed from a deep-seated desire to aid humanity, fueled by altruism and a quest for greatness. Despite diverse career paths in Physics and Information Technology, clarity emerged over time, leading him to discover his true calling.

Having divested his IT venture in Toronto, he completed a Psychometric assessment from PsychTests, Inc based in Montreal, Canada which paved the way for his transition to become a certified Leadership, Career, and Life Coach through the International Coaching Academy (ICA). His 2017 publication, “Dare to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life Purpose,” chronicles his transformative journey towards fulfilling his teenage aspirations by embracing a career aligned with his core values of altruism and achievement.

Through his book, Anthony shares insights on how individuals, like himself, can unearth their life’s purpose, emphasizing the importance of pursuing strategies that bring fulfillment and align with personal values. He challenges the notion of toiling in pursuits devoid of joy, advocating for dedicating efforts to endeavors that resonate with one’s essence and bring genuine happiness.

For him, personal fulfillment is intertwined with the success and happiness of others, underscoring his belief in the interconnectedness of individual and collective joy. Having found his life’s purpose, his earnest desire is to guide and support others in their quest to discover and acknowledge their paths to fulfillment and purpose.

The Evolution

In the wake of May 2011, Anthony set out on a journey of transformation, returning to the shores of Trinidad after living and working for 32-years in Canada. Mere months later, in July 2011, he boldly forged ahead and established YourLifePurpose Limited (YLP): This nascent venture swiftly solidified a strategic partnership with PsychTests, Inc., securing the exclusive rights to provide their esteemed Psychometric assessments within the realms of Trinidad and Tobago.

Undeterred by the challenges of a fledgling enterprise, in 2014 YLP pioneered the introduction of the PsychTests Vocational Style and Career Assessment for Senior Students (VoSCA-SU) aimed at graduating high school students entering university.

This is a strong testament to their visionary approach since no such assessment for students existed prior to VoSCA-SU. The following year, 2015, witnessed YLP’s significant inroads into the corporate HR and education verticals, solidifying its presence within these critical sectors.

The year 2015 marked another milestone as YLP, in conjunction with PsychTests, designed and launched the Form 3/Grade 9 edition of the Vocational Style and Career Assessment (VoSCA – F3), further defining their tenacity to empower youth with invaluable vocational guidance and more accurate selection of subjects throughout their high school years.

In 2017, YLP hosted the prestigious “International Conference on Psychometrics and Coaching” at the esteemed Trinidad Hilton, graced by the presence of renowned Psychometrician Dr. Ilona Jerabek from PsychTests, Montreal. This well- attended and warmly received event propelled YLP’s influence deep into the private and public sector markets, expanding its reach exponentially.

The following year, 2018, witnessed the launch of the “International Workshop on Coaching” (IWC), a collaborative endeavor with the International Coach Academy (ICA) and a world-renowned trainer from New York. Over the ensuing years, the IWC was delivered to over 200 professionals across Trinidad and Tobago, with the central theme of “Manager as Coach,” underscoring the organization’s devotion to professional development and empowerment. Some of these professionals went on to become certified coaches themselves and now enjoy much passion and purpose in helping others in various areas of their lives.

The Importance of Rigorous Research

One of the key skills Anthony developed during his Master’s degree at the University of Toronto was the ability to conduct quality and reliable research. In the modern era, many people tend to rely on simple Google searches and the first few articles they encounter, leading to the proliferation of false beliefs that shift us from the “Information Age” to the current “Misinformation Age.”

In his coaching practice, Anthony first put his research skills to use in selecting a Psychometric assessment vendor to partner with. While there are many such providers, his thorough research led him to choose PsychTests, Inc. in Montreal, Canada as YLP’s primary provider of Psychometric

assessments. This decision was based on PsychTests’ accuracy, ease of use and interpretation, and cost- effectiveness. Secondly, Anthony’s research skills proved invaluable in analyzing the information from these Psychometric assessments, allowing him to coach his clients effectively.

By leveraging his ability to critically evaluate and interpret data, Anthony was able to provide his clients with tailored, evidence-based guidance and support. His commitment to rigorous research has been a key factor in his success as a coach, enabling him to make informed decisions, provide accurate insights, and deliver high-quality services to his clients. His journey serves as an example of the importance of developing strong research skills, which can be a powerful tool in navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape of information.

Empowering Youth Through Education and Fundraising

In 2015, Anthony, through his organization YLP, approached the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago to advocate for the integration of Psychometric assessments for Form 3 students to facilitate informed decisions on their Form 4 CSEC subjects. The innovative VoSCA-F3 assessment was proposed as a valuable tool for Guidance Officers to guide students in this pivotal academic choice. Despite the potential benefits, the Ministry’s inability to allocate resources hindered the implementation of this recommendation nation-wide.

Prompted by a deep conviction that the nation’s youth faced a crisis, he initiated an impressive fundraising initiative, undertaking a 57-kilometer walk from San Fernando to Port of Spain on August 17, 2017, commencing at 2:00 AM and concluding at 11:00 AM, completing the journey in nine hours. This endeavor raised $140,000 TTD, earmarked to support a pilot program incorporating VoSCA-F3 assessments and group coaching in multiple secondary schools.

The success of this fundraising effort led to the establishment of the “Walk of Faith for Youth” foundation in 2017, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth through education. Subsequent fundraising activities included 5K and 10K runs and walks around Queen’s Park Savannah, engaging the community in supporting the cause. The foundation’s impact extended as over 400 participants joined in the latest event, contributing both funds and awareness to further the mission of the Walk of Faith for Youth Foundation.

Effective Coaching Strategies for Diverse Sectors

In addressing coaching individuals from varied sectors like Education, Manufacturing, Recruitment, and Financial, Anthony accentuates the importance of tailoring the approach to suit each individual’s background. A key aspect involves utilizing Psychometric assessments to provide insights into strengths and limitations, aiding both adults and students in enhancing self-awareness.

It is crucial to recognize that, unlike consultants, coaches do not need to be subject-matter experts; instead, they focus on guiding the coaching process and empowering clients to discover solutions to their challenges. This approach cultivates a supportive environment where individuals can effectively navigate their professional development and personal growth across diverse sectors.

Approach to Coaching

Almost all of Anthony’s coaching sessions are preceded by his clients having completed one or more Psychometric assessments. This provides both the coachee and the coach with valuable and accurate insight and self-awareness in a much shorter timeframe than would be possible without the use of these assessments. While most coaches do not utilize Psychometric assessments in their coaching practice, their use sets their approach apart from that of many other coaches.

For him, his success and delight are measured by the success and happiness of others. He has discovered his life’s purpose in coaching and believes that he can help others discover their own. This motivation encourages his results-oriented approach, as he is committed to assisting his clients to achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

Interconnected Journey of Coaching & Writing

Anthony’s first book, “Dare to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life Purpose,” represents the culmination of his coaching practice from 2011 to 2017, the period when the book was initially published. Encouraging his clients to explore its chapters relevant to their career and life goals has been a common practice for him. Whether in one-on-one coaching sessions or in workshops with larger audiences, he often recommends his book as a valuable resource.

In some instances, he generously offers the book at no cost to students and as prizes for winners of his workshops on emotional intelligence and team building. This gesture not only enhances the accessibility of his teachings but also fosters a deeper connection between the content of the book and the practical experiences shared during his coaching sessions.

The ongoing progress of his coaching practice continuously enriches the content of his book, with new insights and discoveries finding their way into subsequent editions. This versatile interplay between his coaching work and the written material creates a symbiotic relationship, ensuring that both avenues of learning remain mutually reinforcing and beneficial to those seeking personal and professional growth.

Facilitating Group Coaching & Workshops

With a deep admiration for the variety of experiences and knowledge that each participant brings to the table, Anthony and his team of trainers approach their work as group coaches and workshop facilitators. He recognizes that learning is about more than simply intelligence; it’s about utilizing special qualities, and he and his team promote an environment where learning is based on this fundamental coaching principle.

In his workshops, he begins by gathering business intelligence data from participants’ completed Psychometric assessments, leading to customized workshops and self-directed learning. Utilizing roleplay, he guides participants to experience firsthand the effects of new, empowering behaviors, bridging theory with practical application for more immersive and impactful learning.

Unfulfilled IT Professional to Purpose-driven Coach

For more than 24 years, Anthony, a seasoned IT worker in Canada, struggled with a lack of a clear sense of purpose in his work. This incident stoked his desire to help people—students and adults alike—avoid making the same mistake of pursuing a career they are not passionate about.

Research has shown that the negative effects of not living a purpose-driven life can have serious consequences for one’s health and family life.

Determined to make a difference, he set out to ensure that, on a practical level, he could guide his clients in finding a career path that they are passionate about and can earn a good living from.

In addition to his career coaching expertise, Anthony also enjoys helping his clients with life coaching. He is passionate about assisting them in understanding and living a balanced life, focusing on their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

When providing leadership coaching, he is enthusiastic about helping managers and C-level personnel achieve their potential as true transformational leaders, rather than just transactional ones. His goal is to empower these individuals to become inspiring and impactful leaders who can inspire positive change within their organizations.

Development of YLP’s Coaching Workshop

In 2018, YLP launched the “International Workshop on Coaching” (IWC) in partnership with the International Coach Academy (ICA). Through this collaboration, YLP was able to license ICA’s training materials, which are regularly updated, for use in their IWC sessions with managers and HR professionals seeking to learn the “coach approach.”

This arrangement has allowed him to stay up-to-date with the latest coaching methods and advancements from ICA. By having access to their continuously evolving training resources, Anthony can ensure that the content and techniques covered in the IWC remain cutting-edge and relevant for the participants.

The partnership between YLP and ICA has proven to be a valuable asset, enabling YLP to provide a comprehensive and dynamic coaching workshop that equips managers and HR professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively implement a coaching-based approach in their organizations.

Coaching Success Stories

With regard to career decisions in particular, Anthony has helped a large number of people find their life’s purpose through their new career directions. The YourLifePurpose website has a client testimonials section showcasing appreciation from delighted clients. Here are two interesting stories:

Natasha Sutherland’s Testimonial: Natasha began her coaching experience with Anthony in search of clarity and purpose in her profession. She went through four powerful coaching sessions and achieved a profound shift. Natasha emerged with a strong sense of purpose and a clear plan for her life. She was formerly troubled by doubt and depression, but now exudes confidence, determination, and excitement about her future initiatives. Natasha discovered her perfect professional path in industrial-organizational Organizational Psychology after taking Psychometric testing. She gladly promotes Anthony’s Career and Life Coaching services to her colleagues, citing the important clarity and direction she received.

Portia Mc Quilkin’s Testimonial: Portia’s initial goal was to focus her attention on choosing a vocation that matched her abilities while finding growth opportunities. In search of advice and clarity, she began a four- session Career and Life Coaching program with Anthony. She exceeded her expectations by effectively achieving her stated goals. Portia’s experience with YourLifePurpose Limited was informative, offering new information about her strengths and career options.

Anthony’s guidance and support rekindled her self-awareness and original goals. Portia left the meetings with a renewed sense of success and hope, having made a firm decision about her profession. She enthusiastically recommends YourLifePurpose Limited to anyone seeking clarity, maximizing their potential, and pursuing a satisfying profession. Portia thanks Anthony for a developing and uplifting experience.