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Annual Earnings Projections are Upgraded by Manawa and F&P Healthcare

Manawa Energy, a power firm, increased its operating profitability projection for the current year, partly because of favorable trading circumstances.
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation, and financial instruments (ebitdaf) for the year ending March 31, 2022, according to Manawa (formerly Trustpower), would probably be between $142 million and $147 million, beyond the prior estimate range of $120 million to $140 million.

The forecast for capital expenditures was kept at $65 million to $80 million.
“The revision is driven by several factors, including an increased focus on operating efficiencies and value capture, favourable energy trading conditions in Q3 and Q4, and relatively strong irrigation demand,” Manawa said.

Additionally, it claimed to have hit some milestones in recent months and to have advanced and broadened its pipeline of alternatives for renewable development.
For its previously announced Argyle Solar Farm, which is located near to its Branch River hydro scheme, it had obtained resource consent from the Marlborough District Council.

In order to develop the Argyle Solar Farm, the firm was getting ready to submit a resource consent application, which should be submitted in early 2025.
In addition, it had gained land options for a proposed 100 megawatt wind farm in Marlborough and a solar opportunity in the Mackenzie Basin, increasing the total amount of wind and solar choices it had secured to almost 1.2 gigawatts.

Manawa Energy Limited is an electricity generating firm located in New Zealand that provides customized electrical products to businesses and industries throughout the country. There are currently 26 power schemes operated by Manawa Energy, spanning from Otago in the south to the Bay of Plenty in the north.

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