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Anna Fedosova

Anna Fedosova-Caldera: An Incredibly Futuristic Financial Advisor of Sunstone Trust

The adage ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder can be expanded to ‘The entire universe is in the eyes of the beholder’. As a result, seeing the world through your own eyes gives you the power to shape your vision, experience, outlook, belief system, and reality.

According to Anna Fedosova-Caldera’s innate faith in herself and everything she does, her immensely positive outlook is the reason for her being the monumentally inspirational leadership personality she is.

Anna, a top-ranked financial advisor, has a proven track record of assisting high-net-worth individuals in achieving both short-term and long-term goals. Success Pitchers Magazine named her ‘America’s Top Ten Women of Distinction of 2022’ and ‘The 10 Charismatic Women Leaders Inspiring the Business World, 2022,’ and she was named to the Women We Admire organization’s list of the ‘Top 50 Women Leaders of Los Angeles’ for 2022.

Anna, the Sunstone Trust’s Chief Fiduciary Officer, describes herself as a person both inside and outside the workplace, saying that she is very enthusiastic and optimistic, both professionally and personally. She further notes, “I apply the same emotions when it comes to my career or personal/social life. I work and live with the concept that ‘my glass is half full’ and not ‘half empty.’”

A Successful Journey by Chance

This positivity, energy, and optimism have been the driving factors behind the roller coaster career ride. Prior to joining Sunstone Trust, Anna was a Vice President and a Senior Trust Advisor at U.S. Bank, Private Wealth Management, and prior to that, a Vice President and a Senior Trust Officer at Wells Fargo Bank’s Wealth Management division.

After graduating from Moscow University with a bachelor’s degree in science and Moscow University of Statistics and Economics with a master’s degree in finance and being fluent in English as well as Russian and German, she moved from Russia to the United States, wanting to capitalize on the freedom and opportunities offered by America. “I began my financial career with a 12-year tenure at First Bank Wealth Management Group as a Trust Officer and Relationship Manager,” she reflects.

She furthers that her motivation for shifting from the U.S. Bank had been an opportunity to advance her career by assuming one of the senior leadership roles, a chance to grow and build this trust company by sharing her experience and knowledge with her fellow advisors, leading them to a successful outcome.

When asked why she chose to become a financial expert, Anna smiles and says, “That’s an interesting question. I want to say that the financial industry found me, and I took a chance to make it my career, and it worked.”

Here, again, Anna’s distinctive enthusiasm was at work. While in college, she was looking for a job and sent out her CVs to multiple companies seeking any positions to pay her bills. She received a call from the Trust and Wealth Management Division of First Bank and was invited to the interview. Honestly, she says, “I knew nothing about Trust and Wealth Management, yet as I was learning about the role and duties and the division’s value proposition, I was intrigued with the concept. I remember saying to myself, I would be very interested in pursuing this line of business.” When she got home from the interview, she received a call from First Bank offering her this job. “And just like that, it launched my career in the financial industry,” she adds.

Advancing FinTech Innovations

Sunstone Trust is proud to be one of only eight trust companies licensed in California. Trust corporations have a long history of strength and stability in the United States. In 1895, the Title Guaranty & Trust Company became the first in California, while Alexander Hamilton established the Bank of New York and Trust Company in 1784. Both companies are still in operation today.

Sunstone Trust is well-known and strictly regulated. Innovation is audited regularly to ensure that it maintains the required capital levels and complies with all applicable regulations. The trust firm industry has remained stable in California, where it has existed for 125 years.

Its regulators, such as the DFPI Trust Services Division, require it to be adequately capitalized, to separate client assets from business assets, and to uphold its obligation to act as a true fiduciary for its customers with zeal.

Sunstone Trust, as a FinTech trust company, strives to introduce cutting-edge, tech-driven products and services that will set it apart from traditional trust and financial institutions and attract new customers, in addition to providing excellent wealth management and trust services to its domestic and international clients.

For a long time, the company has been working on creating a special credit card for both its customers and those in the wealth management industry. Anna is confident that the Sunstone Trust Company will soon be the go-to wealth management firm everyone wants to be a part of, with many more improvements on the way!

Leading by Example

Sharing her major roles and responsibilities as a Chief Fiduciary Officer, Anna says that the responsibilities are at multiple levels: growing trust and investment business by acquiring new clients via comprehensive and sophisticated tax and estate planning combined with a top-notch company’s investment capabilities; leading and mentoring advisors by promoting their strength and talent; and participating in strategic decision-making of the company’s direction as a member of the C-suite. “I will handle some of the most important client relationships and lead the team in growing the Trust, Fiduciary, and Wealth Management business lines,” she says.

When asked about the major changes happening in the finance sector due to tech advancements, Anna conveys that the influence of tech-savvy consumers and the shifting attitudes of regulators toward new tech are all impacting the financial industry. Financial growth can be achieved with the touch of a button these days.

The technological advancement pushes banks to move away from traditional brick buildings to online transactions, eventually overtaking in-person banking. The expansion of digital currencies is soaking up more money from the traditional monetary system.

She cites, “In a nutshell:

  • Banking technology will take off.
  • Artificial Intelligence will continue to advance.
  • Branches/Offices will be reduced.
  • The number of App developers will increase.
  • Education needs will grow because of automation.”

In her advice to emerging woman leaders and enthusiasts considering a career in the corporate sector, Anna recommends that it is challenging, no doubt, “However, find your passion and trust your instincts. When you trust your instincts, your true self emerges most authentically. Always push yourself to learn as much as you possibly can, and never settle for the status quo. Turn your passion, excellence, and enthusiasm toward laying the foundation for progress. Support and empower other women.”

A Road to a Wealthy Tomorrow

Elaborating on her successful professional career, she expresses that her road to success was full of ups and downs and many bumps. However, if there is no challenge, there is no motivation to grow, excel, prove yourself, succeed, and advance. She also adds that even though she is taking on this new leadership position and potentially a partnership, the definition of her success isn’t a title. “Yes, the title is what I was working towards to have something tangible next to my name, but to get to this level, was a success on its own. And my road isn’t finished yet; I am motivated to get to the highest level I can,” she shares.

Revealing her future goals, Anna says that she sees herself becoming one of the leading experts and executives in the wealth management industry, building and growing a successful company together with her fellow executives, and expanding the company further and beyond.

Anna aspires to be recognized as one of the wealth management industry’s top executives and most influential figures. She anticipates looking back in five years and is proud of her role in forming one of Southern California’s most vibrant and successful asset management firms. “Customers will be begging to use the incredible private investment funds made available through the company’s platform, says Anna.

She also mentions that Sunstone Trust is launching its exclusive credit card for the wealth management industry and working on other innovative projects. According to Anna, the firm will be the club everyone wants to join.