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Andrina Chan

Andrina Chan:  Crafting Timeless Elegance in Every Watch

A Journey of Passion, Precision, and Personalization in Watchmaking!

In a world filled with hurried moments, where time seems to slip through our fingers like grains of sand, there is a visionary who is building a brand that believes in cherishing every second.

Andrina Chan, Founder and CEO of Andrina Yvette, a brand inspired by an international beauty pageant winner, embodies the idea that sharing time with another is one of the ultimate gifts of love. And what better way to celebrate this gift than by adorning one’s wrist with a watch that captures the essence of time and love?

The journey of Andrina Yvette began in 2019, a labor of love that brought together a team of professionals passionate about creating timepieces that transcend mere functionality. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Paris and the innovation of Singapore, the brand set out to redefine what a watch could represent.

Andrina, a true watch enthusiast herself, dreamed of designing timepieces that were not just instruments to measure time but exquisite pieces of art that could be worn with pride. To bring this vision to life, she delved into the intricate world of watchmaking, completing courses that provided her with invaluable insights into the craftsmanship and artistry that go into creating timepieces.

What sets Andrina Yvette apart is her unflinching commitment to consistently high standards and her unrelenting pursuit of elegance. Each watch is a personal statement, a reflection of the wearer’s unique style and appreciation for timeless beauty. To cater to the diverse tastes of its clientele, the brand offers customization services, ensuring that every timepiece is one of a kind.

Quality is at the heart of every creation, with the brand meticulously selecting materials and partnering with factories renowned for their rich horological history and skilled craftsmen. When you invest in an Andrina Yvette timepiece, you’re not just acquiring a watch; you’re acquiring a piece of art that will stand the test of time, a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Andrina has not only brought her dream to life but has also created a brand that captures the essence of love, time, and elegance. In a world where every second counts, Andrina Yvette stands as a reminder that time is a precious gift meant to be shared and cherished, one elegant tick of the clock at a time.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Could You Please tell about Yourself and What motivated you to embark on this sector?

In mid-2019, someone approached me for permission to use my name, Andrina, for their new brand of company watches. This ignited a long-standing dream within me. Around that time, I was also preparing for a Beauty Pageant in Singapore, China, and later in Paris. The honor of being crowned the International Cheongsam Beauty Queen Winner during the 2019 全球旗袍女王争霸赛, followed by becoming the Miss Chinatown World Grand Champion Winner 2019-2022 in Paris, France, left me in awe. Additionally, I achieved several other titles, such as Best in Talent (Gold), Most Elegant Qipao Gold Award, Best in Oriental Charm Queen Goddess Award, and Lady of Wisdom Award. These accomplishments have reaffirmed my passion for the fashion and accessories sector, particularly timepieces and beyond.

Could you please brief about your company and its inception story?

As I said, in mid-2019, someone approached me to use Andrina for their new company watch brand. This revived a long-ago dream. I conducted a market survey with one of the early Andrina designs, and it received a positive response. As a result, we decided to embark on this journey in 2020 with fresh ideas and designs. In September 2020, the company and brand, Andrina Yvette, were born.

How would you define effective leadership in the business world and can you share an example

Effective leadership involves having a clear vision for the future and creating a strategic plan with creativity and wisdom. During the pandemic, I successfully transformed Andrina Yvette from a physical store to an online e-commerce business by implementing social and digital media marketing strategies. To equip myself with the necessary knowledge and skills, I undertook various courses in areas such as timepieces, e-commerce, photography and videography, and digital marketing. Additionally, I was fortunate to receive support and assistance from friends and freelancers in IT and related fields whenever I needed guidance or help.

What strategies do you employ to foster a positive and productive work culture within your organization?

A positive work culture prioritizes employee well-being, provides support at all levels, promotes workplace happiness, and fosters teamwork and productivity. It encourages open and honest communication and shares clear core values and a common vision. It aligns everyone with goals, values, and objectives and promotes transparency in performance. It treats colleagues as friends, showing care and interest in their well-being, offering support and compassion in times of need, and forgiving mistakes without blame. It inspires and motivates each other, giving meaning and purpose to our work. It builds trust, respect, gratitude, and ethical integrity. It promotes collaboration and provides employees with benefits, perks, and a learning and growth environment. It rewards and recognizes outstanding results or performance. It actively listens to feedback and is flexible, allowing for hybrid work arrangements. And lastly, it encourages fun and enjoyment in the workplace.

Andrina Yvette fosters a culture of creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box among our employees. We provide ample freedom while upholding a high standard of excellence. Our positive and productive culture is centered around customer focus in every department and product. We consistently aim to surpass customer expectations, maintaining the drive for excellence that propelled our success as a startup.

How do you stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments and what steps do you take to ensure effective communication within your team and across the department?

I stay updated on industry changes and developments by reading and attending events and conferences. We have an open-door policy where everyone is aware of each other’s responsibilities and roles. We prioritize team-building and engage in fun activities together. We provide necessary training to enhance skills. Effective communication within the team is valued. We resolve conflicts promptly and encourage engagement and open, honest communication. We promote both top-down and bottom-up communication. We provide and listen to feedback within the team. We ensure everyone in the team is aligned with a shared vision and common goals. We also have regular one-on-one meetings or as needed.

How do you motivate and inspire your team to achieve their goals and perform at their best and what are your strategies for managing and resolving conflicts within the workplace?

  • Share your vision and establish specific objectives to foster collaboration and alignment among team members.
  • Emphasize common core values to strengthen unity.
  • Foster effective communication with both staff and team members.
  • Foster a culture of teamwork to enhance productivity and maintain a positive and healthy office environment.
  • Recognize and reward the team with positive feedback. Offer opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Provide employees with autonomy to excel when needed. Remember, great achievements in business are never accomplished by a single individual. Understand the motivations of your team members as well.

Please give us a few testimonials from your clients and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your achievements in the corporate niche.

  • 2023 Top 500 SME Award
  • 2022 and 2021 Asia Ecommerce Awards Finalists, Brands (Fashion and Apparel)

Testimonials of Andrina:

  • Beauty, Firm, Strong-willed Michael Poh, 48, Singaporean
  • Entrepreneur Go Getter, Passionate Philanthropist Geraldine 45 Singapore

Testimonials by Andrina Yvette:

  • Claren Ang, Director, IT Consulting, Singapore

I love the vintage classic looks, and this piece of emerald green rose gold Andrina Yvette timepiece is love at first sight.

  • Yvonne Ang, 45, Regional Marketing Manager.

A perfect gift for myself and my mother-in-law.

  • Anotinio 62 Italian Managing Director.

I want to be the first person to purchase the lovely and beautiful quality Andrina Yvette timepieces for myself and my family.

Testimonials about the Andrina Yvette e-commerce store:

  • The registration form was easy to navigate and fill out. – Jennifer Koh, 46
  • Registration is simple, and the process is easy to follow. – Claren Ang
  • The form was easy to navigate and fill up. – Jennifer Koh 
  • The process is easy and seamless, the whole customer experience has been wonderful, and the online store works, which is most important. – Yvonne Ang.