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American Actor and Musician Jared Leto Invests in Captions, New AI Video Startup

Jared Leto is diving into the generative artificial intelligence business by joining the $60 million Series C funding round for Captions, a startup innovating in AI-powered video creation and editing. The round, which values Captions at $500 million, includes notable investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, and Adobe.

Captions, which has now raised a total of $100 million, announced its latest funding round on Tuesday. The startup has already introduced several tools, including AI Creator, AI Edit, and Lipdub, primarily targeting videos where individuals speak directly to the camera. Despite its initial focus, the promise of AI-driven video generation has captured the interest of both Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Major players like OpenAI and Anthropic have launched their own video generation tools, and startups like Runway ML are also exploring this niche market.

Leto, who previously invested in another generative AI startup called Pika, is enthusiastic about the potential of AI in creative industries. His band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, has even explored using Pika’s technology in music videos.

“We believe that New York is quickly emerging as the epicenter for AI, and we look forward to expanding our team here and furthering our mission of democratizing video creation, so that anyone can effectively share their stories or ideas,” said Gaurav Misra, co-founder and CEO of Captions. “We’re grateful for the continued support from our investors and community and excited for our next chapter.”

“Storytelling is humanity’s most powerful trait,” added Damir Becirovic, a partner at Index Ventures. “Captions is enabling a higher dimension of storytelling through their AI-enabled video creation product. The company allows anyone to bring their stories to life in ways that were previously unimaginable and to truly share them with the whole world. The result will be a huge wave of incredible stories that are imagined and directed by Captions users.”

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