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Alefiyah Johar

Alefiyah Johar: Redefining Beauty for a New Era

The Trailblazing Beauty Entrepreneur Transforming the Industry!

The beauty industry is evolving, and people are no longer satisfied with generic skincare products. They seek personalized and effective solutions that cater to their individual needs, leading to a surge in demand for new and innovative beauty products.

Among the trailblazers leading this revolution is Alefiyah Johar, Co-founder of Fakhree Al Hindi. With her passion for skincare and dedication to empowering individuals, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East.

Alefiyah’s fascination with business began at a young age, and she joined her family enterprise after college, managing the import of fashion jewelry. Her ambition to diversify and customer demands led her to explore the world of Korean cosmetics. This culminated in the groundbreaking launch of Missha, a renowned Korean beauty brand, in the Middle East. Fakhree Al Hindi Group of Companies also introduced two more coveted Korean cosmetic brands, A’pieu and CLE, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

Under Alefiyah’s guidance, these brands gained prominence and are now widely accessible in over 200 stores across the Middle East. Alefiyah’s journey as a professional make-up artist deepened her understanding of the beauty realm, and she recognized a significant void in the market. This realization catalyzed for her to introduce esteemed Korean beauty brands to the region, catering to the diverse needs of its inhabitants. Building upon her successes, she founded FC Beauty, an inclusive brand focused on empowering individuals to feel confident both inside and out.

Let’s explore Alefiyah’s journey, which has struck a chord with consumers who are looking for ethical and inclusive options!

Please brief our audience about Fakhree, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a prominent name in this industry.

Fakhree Al Hindi, a reputable company established in 1964, has witnessed immense growth and success over the years under the leadership of my father, Mr. Saifuddin. He began his journey working in the store and eventually purchased it, expanding it into multiple leading channels through his unwavering dedication and hard work. Mr. Saifuddin has always emphasized the significance of dealing exclusively with high-quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction while offering competitive pricing. As a result, we have cultivated a longstanding legacy built upon the trust of our valued customers.

Today, Fakhree Al Hindi is an ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certified company featuring an extensive range of over 50,000 popular products across various categories. Our unique selling proposition (USP) is our commitment to helping businesses that partner with us to grow and flourish. Over the years, we have assisted more than 500 businesses in achieving success. Our knowledgeable and amiable sales team consistently guides customers, offering insights on which products will sell best in their region and providing recommendations on effective promotional strategies to boost sales.

Our enduring relationships with our suppliers enable us to extend the benefits of direct factory prices to our customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer exceptional support, particularly to new and small businesses. As a result, emerging entrepreneurs in the realms of fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics recognize that partnering with Fakhree Al Hindi is a surefire way to ensure the success of their ventures.

Fakhree Al Hindi has earned an authentic reputation for its exceptional quality and integrity over the past six decades. Today, the company stands at the forefront of launching innovative products and aiding aspiring business owners in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer support has solidified Fakhree Al Hindi’s position as a prominent name within the industry, and we will continue to uphold our core values of quality, honesty, and dedication to customer success.

Shed some light on your offerings in each segment, and could you provide some examples of how those offerings have had a positive impact on your clients?

At our esteemed company, we provide an extensive array of products and services across various sectors, such as imitation jewelry, cosmetics and skin care, saffron and oud oils, and real estate. Each segment boasts a unique assortment of offerings designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clientele.

In the imitation jewelry segment, we present a selection of fashionable and trendy jewelry pieces, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble. As a prominent force in the B2B market, we can accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, including region-specific, event-oriented, children’s, men’s, or any other unique requests. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and close attention to detail, guaranteeing our customers the finest products in the market. We are so confident in the quality of our offerings that we even provide a product guarantee. Time and again, clients have expressed their admiration for the elegance and refinement of our jewelry selections.,

In the cosmetics and skincare segment, we offer a variety of products tailored to suit different skin types and concerns. Our skincare products are formulated with natural ingredients that gently yet effectively address common skincare issues. We are committed to only stocking products that are result oriented and safe for all skin types. Clients have reported notable improvements in the appearance and health of their skin upon regularly using our products.

In the saffron and oud oils segment, we provide high-quality oils, carefully sourced and extracted, to ensure optimal purity and potency. Our saffron and oud oils boast a wide range of applications, spanning from aromatherapy and skincare to culinary purposes. Clients have experienced positive impacts on their mental and emotional well-being after using our fragrance oils, while others have observed enhancements in their digestion and health after using our saffron-infused products.

Lastly, in the real estate segment, we offer a diverse portfolio of properties for sale and rent, encompassing both residential and commercial options. We deliver personalized services to assist clients in finding the property that best aligns with their needs and preferences. Our clients have consistently praised our transparency, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services.

In summary, our comprehensive offerings have positively influenced our clients by supplying them with exceptional products and services tailored to their unique needs and preferences. We remain dedicated to continually refining our offerings and services to ensure that our clients consistently receive an unparalleled experience.

As an inventive leader, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

As an inventive leader with experience across various sectors and taking inspiration from industry thought leaders, I would like to offer the following advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Embrace curiosity and continuous learning
  2. Develop a strong vision and mission
  3. Be adaptable and resilient
  4. Foster a culture of innovation
  5. Prioritize customer-centricity
  6. Build a diverse and talented team
  7. Network and collaborate
  8. Manage finances wisely
  9. Focus on execution
  10. Believe in yourself and your vision

By embracing these principles and learning from industry thought leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs can lay a strong foundation for their businesses and achieve long-term success.

How do you envision scaling your functions and offerings in 2023 and beyond?

As we look toward 2023 and beyond, I envision scaling our functions and offerings by focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Embracing digital transformation
  2. Expanding our online presence
  3. Diversifying our product portfolio
  4. Focusing on sustainability
  5. Exploring new markets
  6. Continuous innovation

By implementing these strategies and remaining agile in the face of market shifts, I am confident that we can successfully scale our functions and offerings in 2023 and beyond, driving sustained growth and success for our business.

Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight your association’s position in the market.

“Fakhree Al Hindi has been our go-to supplier for imitation jewelry for years. Their extensive range of designs and high-quality products have consistently exceeded our expectations, and their excellent customer service has made our partnership truly enjoyable.” – Sarah M., Boutique Owner.

“We recently switched to using Fakhree Al Hindi’s – Missha skincare products in our spa, and the results have been outstanding. Our clients love the natural ingredients and have noticed visible improvements in their skin. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with Fakhree Al Hindi.” – Ahmad N., Spa Owner.

In addition to the positive feedback from our clients, we have also been recognized with several awards and accolades that reflect our strong market position:

  1. Best Imitation Jewelry Brand 2023 – Recognized by MEA Markets.
  2. Best Premium Make-Up & Skincare Brands Distributor 2023 – Recognized by MEA Markets Honored for our efforts in bringing innovative Korean beauty products to the Middle East market and for creating our in-house brand, FC Beauty.
  3. ISO 9001:2015 certification. This important milestone means that we continue to meet the highest international quality standards.

These testimonials and recognitions underscore our dedication to providing high-quality products and services to our clients, and they reinforce our strong market position as a trusted partner in the industry.