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Airbnb Partners with United Spinal Association to Empower Wheelchair Users and Promote Accessible Travel

Airbnb has announced a new partnership with the United Spinal Association, a leading organization dedicated to empowering individuals with spinal cord injuries and disorders, as well as all wheelchair users. This collaboration comes at a time when searches using Airbnb’s 13 accessibility search filters have grown by 40% globally, indicating a rising demand for accommodations with accessibility features.

Through this partnership, Airbnb and United Spinal will work together within the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy, an entrepreneurship development program designed to introduce people from diverse and historically under represented communities to hosting on the Airbnb platform. Building upon the success of previous Academy programs, Airbnb and United Spinal will develop a groundbreaking Academy tailored specifically to individuals with mobility needs. The program will be hosted via webinar and will provide guidance on how to get started on the platform and effectively showcase the accessibility features of their homes on their listing pages.

This initiative aims to support members of the mobility community in accessing the economic benefits of hosting. In the United States alone, Airbnb Hosts earned more than $24 billion in supplemental income in 2023, enabling them to pay bills, save for retirement, and cover housing costs. Consistent with all Academy programs, participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from existing Hosts about achieving success on Airbnb. Since its inception in 2017, the Academy has assisted over 4,500 participants across 12 countries in learning how to host effectively.

Furthermore, this partnership aligns with Airbnb’s commitment to making travel more accessible. Through product innovations such as Accessibility Review and the Adapted Category, Airbnb aims to increase the number of homes with accessibility features, making it easier for people with accessibility needs to find listings that meet their requirements. Airbnb has maintained a long standing collaboration with United Spinal, which actively participates in the company’s regular Disability Advisory round tables alongside various national and regional organizations, advocates, and leaders in the United States.

By empowering individuals with mobility needs to become successful Airbnb Hosts and by continuously improving the accessibility of its platform, Airbnb demonstrates its dedication to fostering an inclusive and equitable travel experience for all.

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