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A Sligo Entrepreneur Ronan Gilroy Created an app with the Potential to Revolutionize local Shopping

Grange native Ronan Gilroy has pioneered an app with his company, following three years of dedicated research and development. The app, called Losume, aims to transform local shopping experiences.

Losume operates as a reverse shop-local platform. Users can search for specific goods they desire, and local businesses promptly respond to confirm availability. The app even allows users to send images of the desired items and engage in direct communication with the businesses.

Ronan’s company, Glofend Technologies, offers an alternative to traditional online shopping by connecting consumers with nearby businesses through Losume. Rather than navigating global online warehouses or physically visiting multiple stores, users can simply share their requirements with Losume, which then matches them with relevant local businesses. Businesses respond with a simple thumb swipe, streamlining the shopping process.

Ronan emphasizes that Losume puts customers in control without involving middlemen or payments, ensuring no obligations. By filtering local demand with supply, the app helps retain more revenue within the local economy.

He acknowledges that perfection isn’t necessary for success and that not every request may be fulfilled immediately. However, local businesses can identify trends over time, allowing Losume to become a valuable sales channel with community support.

Designed for everyday users, Ronan highlights the app’s user-friendly setup, requiring only two minutes for shoppers and eight minutes for businesses. There’s no need for businesses to upload or maintain products. A simple visual allows businesses to quickly determine if they can fulfill a request, and a single swipe enables them to respond promptly to sales leads.

“To ensure privacy and security, customers have the option to choose any username or nickname while keeping their email addresses confidential. Similarly, businesses remain anonymous until they opt to engage with a sale,” explained Ronan.

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