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A Secret WhatsApp trick lets you read the entire message without anyone knowing

People are only now discovering a little-known WhatsApp trick that allows you to read someone’s entire message without opening the chat. For better or worse, everyone is constantly reachable these days via social media and messaging apps. And failing to respond to someone as soon as you open their message is likely to make them feel a certain way, because being “left on read” often has negative connotations.


To avoid this, simply do not open any messages until you are ready to respond. However, if you want to buy yourself some time to formulate a response, there is a simple WhatsApp trick that can help you do just that.

According to The Mirror, many WhatsApp users may be unaware that they can read messages in full without opening them, relieving some of the unnecessary stress. According to AirDroid, the Android mobile device management solutions company, you should first long-press your home screen to bring up a menu page.

Then, tap Widgets, which will display all of the available widgets. Locate the ‘4 x 1 WhatsApp’ widget and drag it to any of your home pages, long-pressing it to make it bigger once added. You must exercise caution while doing so, as tapping any chats will activate them and notify the senders.

Final Note

Unfortunately, this trick is only applicable to Android phones. iPhone users, on the other hand, can disable WhatsApp read receipts within the app, preventing friends, family, and coworkers from spotting those ticks. However, they will not be able to see when others have seen their messages, which isn’t always ideal.