What are the Most Important Skills for a CEO to Have?

Courage and Contrarian Thinking

Successful CEOs can’t just follow conventional wisdom; they need to be willing to buck trends and go against the grain when it’s warranted.

Appetite for Intelligent Risk-taking

Playing it safe and being overly risk-averse often leads companies down a path of mediocrity and irrelevance.

Brutal Objectivity and Self-awareness

It’s easy for CEOs to become isolated in their ivory tower and dismiss negative feedback or dissenting views.

Prioritization and Design Mindset

With the torrent of priorities and demands on their time, CEOs absolutely must have prioritization skills to avoid becoming unfocused and overwhelmed.

Stamina and Resilience

The unrelenting pressures, long hours, high-stakes decisions, public scrutiny, and need for constant travel can take a serious mental and physical toll on CEOs